Top 5 Eco-Friendly Corporate Gift Ideas

corporate gifting green The holiday season is approaching fast and more businesses than ever before are forsaking the traditional corporate gifts of watches and branded pens and are giving the gift of green this the festive season. Be eco-conscious come Christmas time and consider gifting clients and business partners some awesome earth-friendly gadgets instead.

Gifting’s Gone Green

No matter what industry you’re in, businesses have an impact on the earth. Whether it’s the paper you print your reports on, the cars you drive to the office or something bigger; no one is free from the infamous carbon footprint. It’s for this reason that companies across the globe are showing their love for green and instead of going for the generic gift this year, are choosing earth-friendly presents for their business associates. For a unique spin, show them your creative side and get them a branded gift they can actually use. Our friends at WWF had the right idea with their personalised solar jars. Light up the way for your clients and bring them into the world of green living. wwf sunjar

5 Gift Ideas:

No matter who you’re sending a gift to this season, you can do it the sustainable way with some awesome eco-friendly gift ideas: UV Monkey

uv monkeyIf your work associates are already solar junkies, the UV monkey is the ideal gift this season. This nifty little gadget has a chemical compound in its core which changes colour to indicate the UV intensity of the sun - the stronger the colour - the more effective your solar chargers and gadgets will be!

World Panel Solar Charging Kit If you ask any professional what their most valued asset is, you’ll most likely find a large majority saying their smartphone. Unfortunately for us, the smartphone’s notoriously short battery life often has us scrambling to find a plug before we lose connection completely. But not with the World Panel solar charging kit from This handy little device helps you charge your phone or tablet on the go. An off-grid charging solution capable of charging up to 6 cell phones per day. It is water proof, weather proof, heat and UV stable and can be used on smart phones. Mr Handsfree Blur Solar Car Kit blue solar car kitMr Handsfree Blue Solar is a solar powered, hands free car kit. This is an ideal present for businessmen who spend a lot of time travelling from one spot to the next. With Multipoint technology, this device lets you connect and use two cell phones simultaneously. All you have to do is attach the Blue Solar to the windscreen of your car with the suction cups and it's ready to use. Thanks to the solar panel, the car kit charges continuously so you hardly ever have to use the included USB and car charger. Solar Jar solar consol jars A unique gift choice for corporate gifting is this Solar Jar. Brand these with your corporate logo for a personalised touch. In the day, leave your Sun Jar outside - or in a sunny window for several hours to charge to create soft lighting decoration. Made with beautiful 1 litre Consol Jars, this alternative light source is literally bottled sunshine. Solar powered LED lights are powered by sunlight which is harnessed through solar panelling fitted on the lid. Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer solar thermometerIn South Africa, there’s nothing that affects us quite like the weather. For the more outdoor-conscious, gift the, this nifty wireless indoor/outdoor thermometer. The Wh100 Thermometer is an indoor/ outdoor temperature and humidity metre. The unit includes a sensor that can be mounted outdoors and an indoor base station for easy access. If you’re thinking of what to gift this season, why not make the green choice and give your business associates something to remember you by. Oder online at for bulk orders of these awesome gadgets.