Keep the Cold at Bay – 4 Sustainable Tips for Winter

Keeping the cold at bay remains the mandate of most South Africans now that we’ve reached winter’s peak. With electricity price hikes on the rise and Eskom’s plea that individuals cut down at least 10% of their power consumption, has put together 4 simple energy-saving tips for the conscious-minded consumer.

Top 4 Eco-Friendly Winter Tips

  1. Break Out the Hot Water Bottles: At the first signs of a cold breeze or rain, our natural inclination is to pull out our electric blankets. But did you know that there are energy-efficient alternatives to this unnecessary bed-warmer? Not a necessity, there’s no need for an electric blanket when you can snuggle up under your duvet with a hot water bottle and a warm cup of cocoa.
  2. Utilise Gas Appliances: Gas heaters, gas ovens, gas solar kits – gas is a great substitute for electricity. If you can’t afford to purchase a gas stove, our range of eco cookers are based on the principle of insulated cooking and are suitable for a wide range of recipes and ingredients. For individuals looking to fire-proof their homes this winter, our bio-powered two plate stove is a safer alternative to traditional Paraffin stoves (which are favoured by a large number of South Africans).
  3. Choose Solar Power: Geysers are usually a home-owners biggest source of energy consumption. Using power to maintain your hot water temperature throughout the day, these electricity guzzlers can easily be replaced with solar geyser systems that will drastically reduce your household’s power usage. Many South Africans are reluctant to convert to solar power in winter because of the shorter days and minimal sunshine, which is why also offers solar heating kits that come with gas water heaters. These kits ensure that your geyser will not run out of hot water at any time of the day, and are still a great substitute for geysers that solely rely on electricity.
  4. Light Up with LED: A simple way to reduce your home’s electricity bill, LED lighting is one of the most cost-effective energy saving products – using only 6 watts of electricity per bulb. Some locals have come to associate LED bulbs with a garish, stark lighting affect. Here at, we offer a range of bulbs that provide a variety of hues for every preference.

The Bottom Line?

Cutting down on your power consumption is really simple. Keep in mind that there’s always a sustainable alternative to your electrical appliances – and at minimal costs. Implementing any of the above tips will guarantee that you lower your electricity bill, keep warm, and make a valuable investment in green initiatives.