Sustainable Valentine’s Day Competition: This Valentine’s Day, think Green, not Red!

On a day associated with showing your love towards a significant other, Valentine’s Day 2013 could extend this display of love towards the environment as well. With a week and a half until V-Day we’d like to accumulate as big an audience as possible to spread the word about the importance of living sustainably, not just for the next ten days, but for many more to come. Each day leading up to the 14th of February we’ll be providing an “Enviromantic” suggestion for you to put into practice that will make the day as special for the environment as you will for your significant other. Each of our daily posts will be taking a romantic cliché’ and translating it into a green initiative of sorts related to Valentine’s Day.
You light up my life: Candles are clichéd, derived from fossil fuels and release pollutants. Set the mood via alternative methods this year, such as the Sustainable Fairy Lights, solar string lights, solar snowballs or solar bubbles.
Maybe you need a little incentive to get things going, so we’ll show you some love by giving you a chance to win a Sustainable prize up to the value of R500. You can spend this on a product or products of your choice through the website; otherwise we’re willing to take part in other green initiatives on your behalf, to the value of R500. An example of this could be to get involved with At R100 per tree we’ll be able to plant up to 5 of them on your behalf via’s Trees for Zambia Campaign. It’s entirely up to you on how you want to spend your R500 via If you’re committing to the cause you’re already a winner, but here are a few ways to grab a bonus:
  • Become a fan of the Sustainable Facebook Page and copy the page’s status promoting the competition to use as your own status/share the post promoting the competition; OR
  • Become a follower of Sustainable’s Twitter Account and retweet our tweet promoting the competition, remembering to include #enviromantic; OR
  • Copy and paste the details of the competition into your own personal blog and submit the blog post link to our Blog/Twitter/Facebook page.
The winner will be randomly selected from those who have liked, shared, posted and retweeted over the ten days. We’re really keen to get other companies on board, so if you’re able to show your support by donating any prizes or just spreading the word, that would be much appreciated. We’ll stay posting and you stay posted for more ways to practice sustainable loving this Valentine’s Day.