Sustainable Valentine’s Day Competition: Keep that Fire Burning

You don't get much more romantic than sharing a room with your better half and a fireplace filled with dancing flames. If it's a lovely day outside and you want to spread the love then taking the good times outdoors and around a braai is a great idea as well. Eco Fire-Logs provide the perfect opportunity to make the commitment to an environmentally conscious Valentine's Day in both situations. Made from the waste generated from the production of grape seed oil, the logs contain no chemicals, burn extremely hot and once compressed turn to long lasting coals, effectively substituting charcoal. Don't worry about wearing your shabby clothes for fear of getting charcoal all over yourself because these logs are totally clean. Just two more sleeps until Valentine's Day and the end of our competition. Like us and share one of our relevant Facebook statuses or Retweet on Twitter and you can win that R500 voucher to spend at the store.