Sustainable Food Trucks around the Globe

Food trucks have a unique appeal. No restaurant charges and the food’s made in front of your eyes: quick, easy and on the go. We’ve gone far and wide – from local shores to the land of the food truck - the Americas- to bring you inspirational green food truck finds:

Loving Local: RAWsome Cafe Cape Town

Paul Morton, the owner of RAWsome Cafe Cape Town is as passionate about selling healthy food as he is about the environment. “Humans have forgotten that we do not own the earth and what she provides to us, we borrow. My focus is to tread lightly wherever I can and in the same breath help educate and show people that one can live more harmoniously and in sync with what the earth provides,” he said concerning his choice to go the sustainable route. Paul is championing green by producing biodiesel to tow his food trailer, using biodegradable cups, containers and cutlery, and by running some of the truck off solar panels. He also only makes use of local ingredients as far as possible, including biodynamic eggs from a supplier in Stellenbosch. For a wholesome organic meal, visit his Facebook page to see where you can catch him next!

Guactruck, Phillipines

guactruck The Guactruck in Manila, Philippines, lives and breathes sustainability. The upcycled delivery truck has LED lighting, and they make use of glue less packaging. They also give a free meal for every ten returned meal packages and their silverware is made from cornstarch biodegradable material.

The Coffee Trike, Massachusetts

The Coffee Trike, known for its quality espresso and cold brewed coffee in Boston, focuses on sustainable business practices by having biodegradable and compostable paper goods and locally sourced products.

Lulu’s Local Eatery, Saint Louis, Missouri

2395f5e45fe370214f8fce7f0759d1cb Covered in a wood print, Lulu’s Local Eatery is clearly a green ambassador. All their food is made from scratch using organic local ingredients where possible and is packaged in 100% biodegradable and compostable material.

Clover Food Truck, Cambridge, Massachusetts

_TED8785.jpg The Clover Cambridge-based food truck runs on bio fuel and serves tasty, locally sourced organic food.

The Taco truck, New Jersey, Hoboken, Boston

locations-boston-rotator-4 The Taco Trucks stationed across the west of America keep their business green by using organic, locally grown ingredients, composting and eco friendly packaging. You can browse our earth friendly range of eco packaging on our site.

Green Truck on the Go, Los Angeles

20090928-greentruck2 The Green Truck on the Go lives up to its name by offering eco friendly catering options using local, organic and sustainably raised/grown ingredients. Other green practices include composting, making use of a solar-powered kitchen, alternative fuel (their used vegetable oil) and using recyclable or compostable packaging.

Let’s Be Frank, San Fransico, Los Angeles

franks trailer Let’s be Frank offers hot dogs with an organic twist – all their ingredients are locally sourced and the meat comes from animals raised humanely. Even their condiments are organic!

Neapolitan Express, New York

l The Neapolitan Express, known for their pizzas in New York, is a forerunner of green by being the first mobile pizzeria to run solely on compressed natural petrol.

Pure Fare, Philadelphia

The Pure Fare food truck in Philadelphia promotes eco friendly practices by partnering with local farmers and artisans, composting, filtering their own bottled water and using environmentally friendly packaging. Hooray for the food truck trend growing in SA! If you own a food truck or a food stall, get in touch with us for advice on how we can help you go green – from solar kits to eco friendly cutlery and packaging to ambient sun jars or solar jars, we have numerous options available. Also see our product suggestions below: