Energy Saving just got Cooler with Solar-Ready Fridges

A refrigerator is an integral part of any household, yet it can also prove to be among the least environmentally friendly of appliances. It goes without saying that fridges and freezers are among the hardest-working appliances in the home; they run all day, every day, keeping food and beverages chilled or frozen. This means they are high-consumption appliances, raising your electricity costs and your household’s carbon footprint. Pardon the pun but that’s just not cool… it’s time you turned to solar powered refrigeration.

Hot Investment with Cool Savings

We all know a solar kit can be an excellent household investment, but purchasing one simply to lower your refrigerator’s consumption can be very costly. By purchasing a solar compliant refrigerator you can save yourself a good deal of money that would otherwise be spent on solar equipment – up to R20 000 in fact – and you’ll be one step closer to running a fully energy efficient home. So, while it may strike you as unnecessary to buy a shiny new fridge while your old model is still in working order, you’ll find this investment pays for itself in the long run as your electricity bill (and your carbon footprint) begin to shrink significantly. Appliance manufacturers are steadily moving towards a greener way of working, which means that fridges available on the market today are already three times more energy efficient than models manufactured only 5 to 10 years ago. So if you’ve had your eye on a gorgeous new Bosch or Steca model, there’s no time like the present to add one to your home. Just remember your “efficiency alphabet” when choosing a new fridge or freezer…

As Easy as A, B, C

It’s easy to see how energy efficient a refrigerator is by looking at the appliance’s energy efficiency label. Fridges ranked C or D are decent quality, while those ranked A or B are better, and those with a ranking of A+ or A++ offer excellent energy saving, making them absolutely ideal in terms of efficiency. Solar-ready fridge models from top brands like Bosch will contribute a significant reduction (up to 50%) to your household, and come equipped with other useful features to protect your perishable food, including: • Automatic defrosting; • Humidity control; • “Door Open” alarms. Solar compliant fridges may be low on energy consumption, but they are high on performance and style; these are the kind of appliances with beauty and brains in equal measure!

Saving Energy & Saving Lives

While some solar fridges are designed to be eco-friendly additions your average suburban home, others are specialised for homes in rural areas, where electricity supply is less reliable and food can spoil easily. These cutting-edge models, such as those in the Minus40 range, offer excellent temperature control that makes them ideal for vaccine and blood storage in rural clinics – even when mains power is unavailable. This makes it possible to treat patients and even save lives in the toughest of conditions. Solar fridges do require a substantial investment, but one can hardly put a price tag on the benefits these models offers both to the environment and the quality of human life. now stocks a range of excellent solar-ready fridges – visit our online store to choose your ideal model, and give inefficient appliances the cold shoulder!