What You Need to Know About SMA Inverters

When it comes to engineering, few countries have as good a reputation for efficiency and precision as Germany; it seems only fitting, therefore, that SMA inverters were developed in Germany. SMA Solar Technology was founded in 1981 and remains the world’s largest manufacturer of inverters for solar photovoltaic modules – components that act as the heart of a solar power system. One shouldn’t take for granted that SMA inverters made in Germany are automatically the best simply because of their country of origin, but with 95% conversion efficiency being a modest figure, the evidence speaks for itself.

The Role of SMA Inverters

So what function do SMA inverters play in solar power systems, and what gives them their status as the “heart” of the system? Solar power systems capture power as Direct Current (DC) and it becomes essential to convert this into Alternating Current (AC). SMA inverters do this best – in fact without an inverter there is no way to harness the clean energy of the sun; and of course we know this type of renewable energy is sorely needed in South Africa. What makes SMA inverters unique is the combination of German engineering coupled with an incredibly simple setup, with functions such as auto-sync and other practical built-in perks; for example, a simple reversion to default factory settings. SMA inverters are capable of functioning in either grid-tied or off-grid systems, and remain the class leader in grid-tied applications, which are often utilised in battery backup systems of flexible size. SMA has also been producing inverters for decades, allowing them the luxury of diversifying their range; over 44 products exist in the SMA range including the Sunny Boy, Sunny Tri-Power, Sunny Island, and Sunny Mini-Central. As if that’s not enough, all SMA products come with a 5-year guarantee over the average 3-year you may receive elsewhere. Sustainable.co.za stocks only the highest quality products for your energy saving endeavours, which is why we are excited to advocate SMA inverters; the prices are as flexible as the products themselves so you’ll be sure to find exactly what you need to suit your pocket. We also uphold the 5-year guarantee. SMA Inverters symbolise the highest apex of solar engineering technology – and surely you deserve the best when it comes to making your home or office a cleaner, greener environment.