Shining the Spotlight on Solar Powered Security Solutions

The regular South African home boasts a number of electricity dependent security features. From alarms to security lights, electric fencing to laser sensors, remaining safety conscious is, unfortunately, an important part of daily living. As a result, power cuts aren't only a disturbance to our comfort and convenience, but can place us in a somewhat vulnerable position as well. A home with no functioning alarms, electric fencing or lights makes it a prime target for potential burglaries. Thankfully, modern technology allows us alternative safety measures for when regular power isn't an option. Products such as solar powered security lights, battery operated and solar powered indoor and outdoor lights, as well as solar powered alarm system kits, all help to decrease vulnerability and ease nervous minds during load shedding periods. If you’d like to improve your home security when regular power isn't an option, here are a few practical solutions you may want to consider: Alarm Solar Kit Solar Powered Alarm System Kit A solar powered solution for the standard alarm system, this kit is conveniently packaged and easy to install. It is able to effectively power the standard alarm system during load shedding. The kit does not include the alarm system, as its purpose is to power an already existing standard home alarm. Price excl. VAT: R3,848.25 Price incl. VAT: R4,387.01 Solar Wall Light Solar Powered Security Light: Wall Mounted Ensure your pathways and thoroughfares are lit up when it counts with this wall mounted solar light fixture. A passive, infra-red motion sensor switches on at night when motion is detected, promising little room for shady activity. This compact light is easy to install, requiring only a vertical surface, and can detect movement for up to 7 metres. A solar panel built into the case powers this light entirely. Price excl. VAT: R638.60 Price incl. VAT: R728.00 Solar Security Floodlight The miSolar Solar Powered Security Floodlights Range Ideal for businesses, schools or larger gardens, miSolar floodlights light up areas ranging between 100m2 to 300m2. Different options are available in various sizes, and each comes with a solar panel and battery. These solar powered floodlights can be connected to a pole or wall-mounted. Prices range from R1993.01 to R12458.00. Solar Gate Kit Solar Powered Gate System Kit Don’t get stuck in a tight spot when load shedding strikes. This solar powered solution for automated gate systems will help to guarantee that you never end up stuck on the wrong side of the gate. This kit is able to operate a 12Vdc gate motor, is easy to install and is conveniently packaged. The standard backup battery on the gate motor is replaced with the battery included in this unit. (This kit does not include the gate motor itself.) Price excl. VAT: R5731.58 Price incl. VAT: R6534.00 Cornet Solar Light Cornet Hanging Solar Light The unique design of the Cornet Hanging Solar Light was inspired by the Scandinavian tradition of making Cornets, cone shaped paper cups designed to hold sweets and hang on the branches of Christmas trees. This simple, solar powered light provides dark spaces with soft light. The little lamps are ideal for hanging off tree branches or other fixtures in darker corners of your premises – where a little light could go a long way. Price excl. VAT: R162.28 Price incl. VAT: R185.00