Say 'I Do' to Green Wedding Favours

With long, bright summer days, the wedding season is in full bloom! As you plan your special day an important part will be to decide on how to thank your guests for celebrating with you. Why not spread the love to the environment and opt to go green when it comes to your wedding favours? Giving practical gifts is the ultimate goal to limit wastage. Here are ten eco-friendly gift ideas your guests and the earth will get excited about:

1. Eco Lighting:

Solar Jars

Treat your guests to jars of ‘bottled sunshine!’ Housed in 1-litre Consol jars, these jars feature solar powered LED lights generated by solar panels on the lid, perfect to add ambiance to your wedding day. Not only are they beautiful wedding favours, but they double up as attractive light features, which work particularly well outdoors. Most event or stretch tent companies will be more than happy to incorporate your wedding favour idea with their lighting and decor arrangements. are offering them at a discounted rate when you order in bulk.

Sun Jars

These pretty frosted lighting solutions are made from traditional Mason jars and heat up automatically at night. They contain a highly efficient solar cell, rechargeable battery and LED lamp – all charged as the jar is left in the sun. What’s more is that you can decide what effect you want or match to your wedding theme with a variety of colours and designs available from

2. Wholesome Treats64b4bec3bf5e569a15acb255f0e4e41a

When it comes to treading lightly, opting for some eco friendly edibles are always a great idea! Your options for treats are endless, with organic snacks being a great place to start. Organic chocolate, dried fruits and nuts, local wine or tea and coffee from ethical sources are good options to consider. And let’s not forget another favourite: home-made marmalade or jam in recycled glass bottles...

3. Plant – Able

Keep your wedding memories alive, literally, by giving plants as gifts. Consider one of the following:


Herbs / Succulent Pots

These plants look great in smaller pots and are easy to keep alive. The herbs will also add a fresh scent to your special day!


If you’re looking for gifts with a difference, terrariums are perfect. Show guests how much you appreciate them by giving these mini gardens as a present they can decorate their homes with.



Trees are the champions for going green – they keep our air healthy and prevent soil erosion and carbon dioxide overload. If most of your guests have gardens, what a great gift!


Seeds are no-fuss gifts as they are easy to package and will keep the conversation of your wedding going as guests plant them and reap the benefits. Plant-able seed paper cards can be considered if you want to minimize packaging and add a personal touch. Seeds are a beautiful way of symbolising the journey of marriage- just as seeds need nurturing and care to grow into a healthy plant so a marriage can thrive when plenty of love is sown into it! 017ec7f6d43bc27f3c53ee0dfd7b4045

Flowers in Re-purposed Vases

Re-purposed glass bottles or tins makes great vases to hold the flowers on your wedding day which guests can take home. If the re-use bug has bitten, why not ask friends for vases they are no longer using, or go thrift hunting for a unique decor look! After all, it’s about something old, something new, borrowed and blue! 7468d198c5d94fffdd81555760eb2df7

4. Homemade Gifts

If you have the time, DIY gifts is a great way to go green as you cut the manufacturing process out of the equation. Consider making your own soy-based or beeswax candles which can be placed in recycled objects such as tins or glass jars. Soaps which contain little artificial products or scents are another practical gift. If making these items seems too daunting, support a local company which has the environment in mind by purchasing from them.

f01e6b08c9f7b2395a424028a390df9d 5. Bird Loving

Bird seed favours are fun gifts which will attract the feathery ones to your guest’s gardens. You can get creative as to how you want them to look –even customize them to be the first letter of the guest’s name or the couple’s initials. If bird loving sounds good to you, another option is to make or buy small birdhouses from recycled wood which you can either put on the tables or hang outside which guests can ‘pick’. mws1644_1_fal08_clothesline_xl

6. Feast Together

Share your favourite recipes by printing them on brown paper and binding them together with pretty lace or package them as little cards in decorated brown paper or recycled material bags. Leave them on the tables or hang them outside.


7. Shop On

Help your guests save on plastic consumption by providing them with re-usable shopping bags as gifts. You can go wild with the way you do this – print a personal design or calligraphy on them or choose from a scope of ethically produced material.


8. Recycled Beauties

Support innovative artists who produce adorable crafts from recycled materials such as plastic or tin. These will lend a unique South African flavour to your wedding, promote local artists and help clean up the environment through recycling!

4bf1fbbee2d2d48fe36c774bf2403edd9. Say My Name

Lend a rustic or sea-side feel to your wedding by having guest’s names engraved on picked-up stones or wood. These come from the earth and will go back to the earth with no impact.

10. Eco Kitchen

c39a3085272ed52ae85a2364f601a4fa If you’re having a picnic wedding, encourage your guests to enjoy eco-friendly picnics themselves by gifting sets of biodegradable wooden utensils and stirrers. Alternatively, sets of bio knives and forks with an unbleached serviette are also available from as part of our range of eco packaging. Personalise them with unique prints that match your wedding’s theme. These ideas should send you well on your way to a delightful green wedding that will show your appreciation of the earth as well as those at your wedding! is passionate about helping you go green and has a whole selection of products which can come in handy when planning your wedding and wedding favours. Get in touch today for more information.