Renovation Nation – A must See Program on DSTV

As far as “Going Green” TV Shows go, “Renovation Nation” which airs on The Home Channel on DSTV everyday between 4pm - 5pm, is a must-see reality show for all eco-minded enthusiasts around South Africa. Although the show is based in America and focuses very much on green living in The States, us South Africans can learn a lot about how other countries around the world are going green, and never mind all the valuable tips and green ideas that are shared on Renovation Nation – tips that you and I can use in our own homes here in the Southern hemisphere. Renovation Nation is presented by Emmy Award-winning host Steve Thomas who goes around renovating regular houses and turning them into carbon free, energy saving and sustainable houses that generate their own energy. Host Steve Thomas spends his hour long slot on Renovation Nation answering many of the burning questions that South Africans have about going green: - What materials are considered eco-friendly? - Who is qualified to carry out eco-friendly renovations on homes around the world? - What kind of homes should we be focusing on turning “green”? - How can you make your own home more eco-friendly? All the above questions and more are answered at 4pm everyday on The Home Channel. Tune your DSTV installation Pretoria or wherever you are in everyday and make sure you keep up to date with Renovation Nation which will keep you on top of the game when it comes to green issues in the home. Who would’ve thought that a simple DSTV installation could prove to be the medium that assists you and your family with going green at home. Renovation Nation: 4pm – 5pm every day on The Home Channel on DSTV.