Product Spotlight: Keeping it Sustainably South African supports sustainably South African products and we often receive enquiries across social media platforms on the topic of whether our stock supports communities within South Africa. We firmly believe in the ‘local is lekker’ mantra and that sustainability with a focus on our country’s upliftment is crucial to the development of our company. Here are just a number of our products that promote a greener South Africa.

Consol Solar Jars

Consol Solar Jars are one of our most popular sellers and it’s an added bonus that these are produced locally, exported and made from recycled glass. They epitomise form and function and work as a standalone energy-collecting and energy-producing product.

Geyser Duvet

geyser blanketsYou should always remember to put your geyser to sleep at night, but keeping it snug isn’t all that the Geyser Duvet is good for. The product has a very strong socially responsible backbone, as its manufacture is in part aided by adults who struggle with cerebral palsy. These employment groups are based at the Cerebral Palsy Association's Village Work Centre in Cape Town and Forrest Farm in Gauteng, where their help is used wherever possible. It’s just testament to the fact that even some of the smaller products can have a large impact on the lives of others.

The HotBag

The HotBag Project screams sustainably South African eco-conscientiousness. Besides the 50% less stove time it uses and the 3-5 hour retention of steaming hot food it can hold, this product is developed under non-profit conditions. The initiative was launched in 2001 and each HotBag is personally sewn by subcontracted seamstresses who all work from home.

Raylite Batteries : M-Solar Range

Our robust M-Solar Batteries draw a large amount of energy from tubular cells, while making a small dent to the pocket. With over 1500 cycles to a 50% depth discharge, this locally produced product competes very well in relation to many other power storage options, not to mention its added value to job creation in South Africa.

Microcare Inverters, Charge Controllers and Wind Charge Controllers

The Microcare range, while produced right at home, has a large international demand. Products are competitively priced and local manufacture means that support is effective and efficient. There are many more locally produced products that form part of the catalogue and we are always happy to run through these should you require any more information on the topic. All of these products will shortly be tagged with our Sustainably South African label on our site for your convenience. Whether our products are manufactured here or not, we believe that they are all sustainably South African in their own right, as even those imported from overseas undergo a labour intensive journey right to our front door, supplying everyone along the way with the opportunity to contribute and be compensated as we champion sustainable communities in South Africa.