Lovely Lighting for a Sustainable Winter Garden

Winter’s creeping in, which means it’s getting darker earlier now, and despite popular belief, solar lighting is just as effective during these darker months. It’s time to start thinking about how to light up your garden and home without the added expense. Switch those old light bulbs to LEDs or capture, store and use the energy of the sun to save money and electricity. When it comes to the garden, you don’t have to skimp on investing in lighting - there are a number of beautiful outdoor lights on the market that will lessen the energy consumption of the electricity-hungry winter home. Here are our favourite outdoor lights:

1. FL waterproof strip light

LED strip lights create a beautiful ambiance in the home and garden. FL’s waterproof strip lights are flexible and can be stuck on top of or tucked under surfaces, making them ideal for illuminating outdoor entertainment areas, stairs, bar counters, decking or garden features. These lights come in white, red, green and blue in rolls of 5m. The power supply is sold separately.

2. Sun Jars

Sun Jars are extremely popular because they can be moved around the garden and home to highlight certain spaces and are great for camping and parties. Sun Jars automatically switch on after dark and have a watertight seal, so your Sun Jar can be left outside in wet weather. In times of prolonged bad weather, you can remove the light’s battery and charge it in a normal battery charger. These lovely lamps are offered in a range of colours including white, pink, blue, orange, and in a 7 colour sequencer, and add colour to a dormant winter garden.

3. Mooni Cornet hanging solar lights

The design of Mooni’s Cornet hanging solar lights is inspired by the Swedish tradition of making paper decorations. These lights are an elegant option to any home garden – hang them against the wall or in a tree and receive long lasting light. At the moment these LED solar lights are only available in white. These light are versatile and work especially well for lighting up entertaining areas.

4. Mooni Cornet standing solar lights

If you don’t have a lot of hanging space in your home, or would like to specifically light up flower beds or pathways, Mooni also manufactures a standing version of its Cornet lights. These lights can easily be removed at any stage if you would like to work on your flower beds or if you would like to shift your garden’s focal point. There’s no need to stumble around the garden in the darkness!

5. Nokero N200 solar bulb

These cute light bulbs by Nokero contain four wide-angle LED lights and are designed specifically to be mobile and easy to use. The size and light coverage of a Nokero N200 solar bulb makes for an ideal household, camping or emergency light, safeguarding your lighting requirements during Eskom power cuts. The Nokero N200 solar bulb is one of the most economical solar lights on the market.



6. miSolar The Courtyard Light Solar Light

Designed to fit on top of a standard 60mm pole, the miSolar Courtyard Light has an appealing design with its battery box snugly fitted behind its solar panel. All steel work is fabricated from high grade galvanized steel and epoxy coated to give the unit a long life span. The unit will switch on at dusk and can be set from 1 hour to 15 hours (or dawn).


7. Elbro Slim-line Power Spotlight

Elbro’s Slim-line 10W Power Spotlight is a reliable wide area LED spotlight, ideal for the security-concerned home owner. The light has a warranty of 3 years and is also ideal for commercial and industrial use or at sporting events. Browse our entire range of LED spotlights and floodlights to find the perfect option for your home.


How well do solar lights work during winter?

Many people are under the impression that solar lights don’t work well in the winter. Days are shorter, which means that there is less time for solar panels to pick up sunlight, and since nights are longer, more light is needed for a longer period of time. However, this is a misapprehension - solar powered light can be very effective throughout winter. According to the solar experts at, the energy yield of solar panels is better on cool sunny days. Solar panels cannot overheat from charging, but would generate less of a charge when exposed to high temperatures. Cloud cover will reduce yield, but it won’t stop power generation. Overall a 15% reduced yield may be expected with full cloud cover. Here are the team at’s tips for buying solar lights to use in the winter:

  • Invest in good quality solar lights. Cheaper solar powered lights cannot convert as much sunlight into energy.
  • Make sure you place your solar light in the best place, with the panel facing the sun. If there are obstacles in the way, you may find that it is not picking up as much sunlight as it could. Winter months mean more shade and shadows, so angle the panel directly towards the midday sun.
  • Get creative! There are a range of colours and lighting options available. Make your home stand out.
We hope that this article has inspired you towards creating a beautiful and sustainable garden and home environment.