Let Our Great Specials Warm You Up this Winter

To keep you warm and the environment clean this winter, we’re bringing you some of our most popular green energy products at incredibly cosy prices. It’s no secret that energy usage increases drastically over the chilly winter months, but what is less well known is that we all have a responsibility to minimise our personal energy usage at home. To add, with the threat of Eskom power cuts ever present, we need to actively conserve energy wherever we can to help minimise blackouts. Enjoy a more sustainable season this winter with these special prices.


Solaire Modules

Solar panels are at the forefront of renewable energy for their effectiveness and accessibility. We’re making solar panels even more accessible by offering the world class Solaire modules at our special rates. Solaire’s panels use their patented Polycrystalline technology, which makes them the most energy efficient modules in the world. Don’t compromise with quality or price with our Solaire modules at only R10.80/ watt.

Efergy Electricity Monitors

A leader in energy monitoring, assessments and timers, Efergy is a brand that you want in your home. We cannot stress enough that the first step to a greener home is efficiency, but it’s difficult to be as efficient as possible without understanding where the high usage issues lie. We’re offering a convenient and cost effective solution with our discounted range of Efergy electricity monitors. Choose from highly accurate wireless monitors to affordable energy monitoring sockets to calculate the energy usage of your appliances.

supa sola

Nuvation: Supa Sola Lamp and Charger

As the name suggests, this little guy is one of the most versatile green products around. The Supa Sola Lamp absorbs the sun’s rays and converts it to energy that can be used for several applications. The Supa Sola Lamp can charge cell phones, tablets and digital cameras and can also act as a torch or light. In addition, this nifty devise is also a solar powered radio that includes a handy alarm. Perfect for power cuts and a worthwhile addition to the camping box during summer. Choose from our tiered pricing option.

Geyserwise Max

When it comes to energy usage in the home, our geysers are one of the worst culprits. Fortunately for us, they are also one of the easiest appliances to greenify. Your first step, which doesn’t require a penny from your pocket, is to turn your geyser off when you are not using it. However, with the busy lives we lead it’s not always easy to remember to switch the geyser on again, which can result in cold showers on a wintery morning. Save yourself the annoyance and invest in Geyserwise timers form Sustainable.co.za. On extended discount thanks to popular demand, the Geyserwise timer will save you money on your electricity bill and pay back its initial cost within a single year. For even better long term savings, invest in a solar geyser.

More Great Specials Coming Soon...

Be sure to stay on the lookout for other great specials from Sustainable.co.za. We’re committed to a greener South Africa, and aim to make our green products as accessible to you as we possibly can. Coming soon is our water and energy saving showerheads, which are great for reducing the energy consumption of our ever-hungry geysers. Now turn the heater down, pull the blankets ups, and enjoy a cosy winter with Sustainable.co.za.

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