It’s Competition Time! Celebrate World Environment Day and Youth Day With

In honour of World Environment Day and Youth Day this month, will be running a competition for all our young fans aged 12 and under, but parents can also get involved.

How Does It Work?

The requirements are simple. All your child has to do is draw or paint a picture depicting what they want to do/will do to save the environment. These pictures will then be uploaded onto a Facebook gallery, where users will get the opportunity to vote for the best pictures. The winner will receive a fun and educational solar toy kit - the 6-in-1 Solar Robot can transform into a dog, boat, car, windmill and two kinds of airplanes! It's easy to assemble, and a great way to learn about the benefits of solar power while you play. There is also a R500 voucher up for grabs for anybody who participates in the voting process. The competition launches today, 31st May, and will run until 17th June, the day after Youth Day. The album gallery will be up for the entire month of June, so that users can vote for their favourite entry. Winners will be announced on 1st July.

How to Enter

Moms and dads, you’re going to have to help out here. After your child has created a masterpiece showing how they want to help the planet, you will need to upload the picture to your Facebook page. (Unless your young Picasso has a Facebook account of their own.) You will then need to ‘Like’ on Facebook , and tag us in the photograph using so that we are notified of the entry. Once we’ve uploaded the pictures onto our competition gallery, share the love so that more people can vote! All you need to do vote is simply “Like” the picture. The artwork with the most “Likes” wins.

We Are The Custodians of The Earth

As such, we owe it to our children to preserve our environment for successive generations. It is possibly the greatest gift we can give them. The old Native American proverb had it right: “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.” So grab those crayons and paintbrushes, boys and girls, and join us in sustainably celebrating the future leaders and environmentalists of South Africa.