Smoke & Mirrors-Smokeless Stove Reflects on Safety & Environment is really excited to announce the arrival of a new product to the eco-store. It’s the Philips Smokeless Stove and its value lies in the fact that it offers safe, eco-friendly and convenient cooking solutions.

The Problem

Open-fire cooking poses a huge risk and around 3 billion people continue to employ the practice as a major energy source for cooking and heating. The environmental impact of the process is terribly harsh, not to mention its negative influence on health. Over 1.6 million people die every year from smoke inhalation due to indoor wood burning stoves.

The Solution

In a nutshell the Philips Smokeless Stove is an extremely practical and efficient cooking tool that is fueled by wood, dung or other biomass. It’s often the simplest things that can make the biggest difference and when it comes to sustainable practices this is becoming more and more the case. The Smokeless Stove is no exception. Essentially air is forced into a combustion chamber from both ends. A strong supply of heat from underneath vapourises the wood or biomass and the injected air then burns the vapour as a combustible gas. As soon as the stove is running the flame becomes smokeless and the stove uses considerably less fuel than a conventional fire as it burns so efficiently. The high tech materials that contain the extreme heat set the product apart from others in the safety category. The product has been making a significant difference in the lives of many and its success can also be attributed to the fact that it only requires charging every three to four weeks and this can be done through a small solar power kit or a regular wall charger. With the lines between autumn and winter being slightly blurred at the moment, and as we prepare to weather the storm ahead – warm, hearty meals a must - the smokeless stove acts as the perfect vessel to make this all possible. So make this winter about cooking safe; cooking cost-effectively and cooking with a clean eco-conscience.