Heritage Day – The Sustainable.co.za Story

sustainable team

Heritage Day in South Africa means different things to different people. Some celebrate the traditions of long standing cultures, some look to their ancestors for inspiration, while others just choose to spend the day having a lekker braai with friends and family. One thing that we can all appreciate though is that Heritage Day is a time for us to be proud of our beautiful country and look back and appreciate where we come from and how much we have grown as a nation over the years. This is Sustainable.co.za’s story. Sustainable.co.za was established back in 2002. They recognised that in order to create a better South Africa, they needed to help people to live greener, more sustainable lives and, as a result, Sustainable Living Centre (now known as Sustainable.co.za), South Africa’s first eco store, was born. The brand endeavoured to help South Africa become a more earth-friendly place by providing people with both green products and information. Sustainable.co.za has developed over the years with this key philosophy in mind and today is far more than just an online retail platform, but rather an organisation that’s dedicated to championing all South Africans and a broader global audience into leading more sustainable lifestyles. To date, Sustainable.co.za has sold over 30 000 green products since inception with their goods reaching around the world to Guadeloupe, Australia, Austria, USA, Sao Tome and Principe to name a few, providing global reach for some of our locally manufactured products. Sustainable.co.za is now located in the Green Building in Steenberg Business Park in Cape Town, which was built with and is maintained by a green ethos.

A More Sustainable SA

Sustainable.co.za believes that everyone is accountable for the health of South Africa and of the earth, and through making active lifestyle changes and adopting more sustainable habits, the collective can have a positive impact. The success of this is not only measured in the amount of energy saved, but in the growing consciousness of a society where renewable energy is the norm. This is particularly important in South Africa where we are currently suffering an energy crisis. We are in the habit of consuming and wasting instead of investing in sustainable energy for the long term. We see this on multiple levels, from our national energy supplier to the everyday man on the street. Thus, as a basic principle, we don’t see sustainable living as an alternative, but want to develop it as the norm. This is our message in everything that we do and we fully propose that investing in green energy is the viable way forward and this is applicable to both individuals in their home, as well as small businesses and large corporations.

Developing an Eco-Conscious Community

Through partnerships with like-minded businesses and individuals and through their own work, Sustainable.co.za has helped to develop a growing eco-conscious community around the basic principle of investing in the earth. The idea that renewable energy is not ‘alternative’ energy, but can be the norm, is the message within this growing community. They actively support and promote local businesses that share their sustainable values and those of their community, whether large social organisations such as Greenpop or smaller local markets. sustainable From sponsoring the Cape Town Eco Film Festival, to raising awareness of environmental issues, and helping the community by making donations of a variety of sustainable solutions to those in need and helping clean up local areas, Sustainable.co.za is dedicated to creating a better South Africa so that we can leave a heritage that generations of South Africans to come can be proud of. To find out more about living sustainably, contact one of our experts.