The Basics Behind Battery Back-up

Solar panels

Last week we discussed grid-tied systems, affordable solar power solutions that work in conjunction with the utility grid. There are many advantages to using a grid-tied system, the only disadvantage being that in the case of a power failure, the system will go down along with the grid. To ensure the continued functioning of a solar energy system during an unexpected power cut, it may be advisable to use a grid-tied system along with battery back-up.

Uses for Battery Back-up

This safeguard is recommended for homes and offices in rural or remote areas, where access to the grid is available, but not altogether reliable, and power cuts are a frequent occurrence. More often than not, the security and peace of mind that come with reliable battery back-up are well worth the financial cost. As solar power becomes more affordable and accessible, a growing number of businesses in the hospitality industry (such as game lodges and remote guest houses) are also turning to solar powered systems complete with battery back-up.

Cost-Effective Implementation

Batteries are costly, and this is often the main reason people are hesitant to include battery back-up in a grid-interactive system. However, there are ways of effectively incorporating battery back-up without breaking the bank. Some clients choose to spread out their expenses in more manageable quantities, by initially installing the grid-tied system without back-up, and adding the battery bank at a later stage when their budget allows for it. Others choose to install battery back-up that powers only the most crucial appliances in their home or office, rather than the whole building. The batteries can be charged by the utility grid, by generator, or by your building’s solar panels. This means that the battery will always be fully charged and ready to get to work during frequent or prolonged power outages. boasts wide range of inverter management systems suitable for these applications, including top selling brands such as SMA, Victron, Outback and the locally manufactured Microcare units. At we offer a wide range of solutions when it comes to renewable energy. We pride ourselves on our professional, custom designed grid-tied battery back-up systems, that are made up of the quality solar products and peripherals listed on our online store. Contact us at to discuss your requirements.