Green Ships - PlanetSolar

With new international pressures for companies to start producing green ships to help reduce CO2 emissions worldwide on our oceans, PlanetSolar is a project born of these ecological ideals. Its intention is to circumnavigate the globe using only solar power and so far has travelled across the Atlantic Ocean and international shipping agents are eying the technology with an eye to sea cargo logistic applications. This Green ship aims to show the potential of renewable energy and to cement the idea that the global economy and ecology need to work hand in hand for our future. This eco friendly project is the brainchild of Raphaël Domjan, who realised in the late 1980’s the responsibility of business to the environment in the ways that they operate. With his own company he focused on offering green web hosting solutions and email services with Horus Networks and then focused for the next decade on the PlanetSolar project. From humble beginnings of only his child like enthusiasm to sail the world on a ship powered by the sun though to the total of 100 people working on the project, he has made his green dream a reality. Planet Solar plans to be the first green ship design that will successfully circumnavigate the globe, first to cross the Indian Ocean and the first to cross the Red Sea as well. Crewed by a team of 6, PlanetSolar has a total of 537 m2 of solar panels catching the precious rays of sun that provide all their power, from living quarters through to propulsion. Already the green initiative has raised the awareness of renewable technologies. Sea freight companies are already seeing the possibility for incorporating the use of solar panels to ease fuel consumption and carbon emissions. The challenges that PlanetSolar faces are that it cannot use any power besides that harnessed by the sun and that they are limited to solar technology that is available for mass production. Should this green ship succeed, it will no doubt pave the way for greener marine logistics vessels on our oceans.