Green Scorpions Inspect SA Businesses

The Environmental Management Inspectorate (EMI), more commonly known as the Green Scorpions, are determined to enforce environmental compliance laws in businesses throughout South Africa. A 6-month campaign of inspections has been launched with the aim of insuring that business owners in offices to rent Johannesburg to Cape Town are following the correct environmental procedures. Any eco-conscious manager will know that a business should use sustainable lighting and heating equipment in order to minimise environmental impact. However, the Green Scorpions will tell you that many businesses require more than this to meet environmental compliance standards; they must obtain the necessary licenses and follow the correct waste disposal procedures as well. The Green Scorpions inspected 5 Eskom projects in the Limpopo province recently, and found that while most operations were satisfactory, the South African energy giant was not complying with certain conditions of the Environmental Management Plan in the construction of their Medupi-Marang power line. Another inspection by the Green Scorpions revealed that communications company Neotel was carrying out certain parts of an optical fibre network project without the required permits. Spokesman Moses Randitsheni reports that the non-compliances found are currently being reviewed so that appropriate action can be taken. This week, the Green Scorpions turned their attention to Mpumalanga, where they will spend 5 days inspecting the province’s Eskom power stations. Inspections will include the Komati asbestos site and the Camden substation. Other facilities on the green team’s list include a Polokwane smelter and the Visserhoek branch of EnviroServ in the Western Cape. Waste management company EnviroServ has already felt the sting of the Green Scorpions, as their Eastern Cape facilities were found guilty of non-compliance. The Green Scorpions aim to improve the general standard of environmental compliances in businesses throughout SA, and a growing number of the country’s offices to rent are expected to take steps to make their facilities more eco-friendly. Here’s to the growth of a greener South Africa!