Green Father’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s getting close to Father’s Day. If you’re stuck for ideas of what to buy for your old man, consider sustainable, green gifts. Your dad will likely appreciate his gift even more if it is functional and not harmful to the environment. We’ve put together a nifty list of green gift ideas for dads. In addition to this we’re running a %5 discount on selected products.

Home and Garden

There are a range of excellent braai gifts available that have a reduced impact on the environment in comparison to traditional products such as Eco-logs and Green Light firelighters. Eco-Logs are made out of the recycled by-product generated during the production of grape seed oil. Available in 5Kg bags, these logs are all natural, burn like wood, and provide long lasting heat and hot coals. Eco-logs produce 30% less greenhouse gases, 80% less carbon dioxide and 86% less creosote than traditional wood. Also produced from grape seed oil, Green Light firelighters contain no parrafin, have a low odour and a burning time of approximately 20 minutes after being lit. Instead of buying chemical firelighters, consider the green option. At we’re offering a 5% discount on Eco-logs and Green Light firelighters until Sunday.


Green Light firelighters

For the camping dad, the Eco Zoom - Versa Wood and Charcoal Burner (also on 5% discount) is a super-efficient, environmentally friendly, safe, and portable stove. Originally designed for the rural wood-using market, the stove is also a sustainable, simple, cost-effective and clean cooking solution for campers and outdoor-enthusiasts. By using only three small pieces of wood, this stove has the ability to cook a 1,5kg pot of maize meal in less than 20 minutes, through heat retention, while producing 70% less smoke and greenhouse gasses than open fires.

Eco Zoom - Versa Wood and Charcoal Burner


The Waka Waka Power solar light and mobile charger (at 5% discount) is a lightweight, durable, solar powered charger that will fully replenish the batteries on your phone, and provide hours of bright, safe light. The WakaWaka Power solar charger charges most phones in under 2 hours, fits into your pocket and is a lifesaver to those who find themselves without electricity. Extra features of the product include a SOS emergency light, an auto energy saving mode, 200% torch mode, simultaneous charging from an external power source, and the light and charger can be used at the same time.

Waka Waka Power solar light and mobile charger

The Wireless Weather Station (at 5% discount) is an easy to use weather monitoring system that reads, displays and records the weather data from both an internal and external sensor. Besides the internally measured values for indoor temperature, indoor humidity, air pressure and pressure history, the outdoor sensors will collect and transmit data for temperature, air pressure, humidity, UV index, wind direction, windspeed and rainfall. This a super cool gadget for your home and makes a great Father’s Day gift for the gadget loving dad. Wireless Weather Station

Fashion and Grooming

Ballo is a South African business that designs and crafts sunglasses locally in Cape Town. All their sunglasses are made from wood off-cuts from local furniture manufactures and other recycled materials. These trendy shades make a great gift for dads.


Hemporium clothing is running a Father’s Day special on hemp wear. Hemp fabric is an amazing 700% stronger than cotton, highly absorbent, contains natural anti-microbial and insulation properties, and the more you wear it, the softer it becomes. If you’re wondering why hemp is kind to the environment, it grows at a rapid rate in a variety of climates and soil types. Hemp also grows very tightly and improves soil health. Buy three pairs of the Father’s Day favourite, hemp socks, for R100 or spend more than R200 and get a free pair of socks with you purchase. There’s also a 20% discount on selected men’s wear.


The gentle anti-bacterial properties of beeswax, soothes and moisturizes the skin, which makes Bee Natural Aftershave Balm a great natural organic product. Bitter orange and sandalwood essential oils have are added to the balm based on beeswax, avocado oil, sunflower oil and raw honey, for a refreshing and energetic fragrance. The healing properties of the balm will swiftly repair nicks and cuts whilst nourishing and keeping your skin supple. You can purchase the Bee Natural range, which also comes in a cinnamon and sandalwood variety, at a range of health stores including Wellness Warehouse.

Bee Natural Aftershave Balm

Food and Drink

Here’s a fun fact, South Africa is the largest producer of Fairtrade wine in the world! Of the 27 million bottles of Fairtrade wine sold in 2013, two thirds of the wine was produced in South Africa. Fairtrade wine is available at a range of stores. Instead of buying the standard favourites, keep an eye out for the Fairtrade label it adds something special to an otherwise standard gift. Fairtrade wine If your dad loves biltong, there’s a great family business, Stokkiesdraai Biltong, which produces preservative free biltong. Stokkiesdraai Biltong receives meat from grass-fed cattle that are hormone or growth stimulant free. The business currently offers beef and game biltong, beef and game dried sausage, and their famous ostrich dried sausage made with olive oil is a must try. Their biltong is on sale at: Stellenbosch and Willowbridge Slow Food Markets, Tokai Earth Fair market, Earth Fair St. Georges Mall, Bay Harbour Market, Laborie Lazy Days market, Nitida, and Meerendal.

Stokkiesdraai Biltong

We hope that the ideas inspired you to get your dad an eco friendly gift for Father’s Day this year. Feel free to add your comments and ideas if you know of any other products that would make great green gifts and don’t forget to check our Father’s Day catalogue below that pertains to the 5% discount offer!