Green Car Repairs on the Up and Up in SA

For most South Africans, the thought of green car repairs has never even crossed our minds. But have you ever thought about the impact that a fully functional and busy car repair workshop can have on its immediate environment? The latest trend in workshops around the world is to promote and encourage green car repair centers that have a reduced effect on their immediate surroundings. So what can an average car repair workshop do to “go green”? The first step in embracing green car repairs is to encourage the recycling of old water and oil that has been used in your car and is being replaced as is mandatory in regular car maintenance services. The water and oil that come out of one’s car are incredibly dirty and possibly toxic, and unless recycled or disposed of correctly, these toxins could find their way into local water sources and shrubbery. Another key aspect of green car dent repairs in Pretoria or anywhere else in South Africa is to use biodegradable cleaning and maintenance materials. All cleaning materials are generally rinsed off a car and run into the grass or drains surrounding the workshop – this is not ideal for the environment. Yes, currently green car repair materials are slightly more expensive, but in the long run it’s doing us all an enormous favour by protecting our environment. There are numerous other steps that local car dent repairs workshops can undertake to ensure that what they do on a daily basis, negatively effects the environment as little as possible. Next time you choose a local car dent repair workshop to fix your car or carry out a service; perhaps you should enquire as to what cleaning materials they use and whether or not they recycle oil and water from your car for alternate purposes. Every small step helps I have to say, and green car repairs just make so much sense to me!