The Greatest Gift this Season: Christmas Gift Packs for a Healthy Planet

camping-christmas-packThe festive season is a time of frivolity and excess, and it’s easy to get carried away in the excitement of shopping, wrapping, eating and drinking, and to forget about how our activities impact on the environment. To counteract our indulgent consumption, green Christmas gifts are a meaningful way to fill the Christmas stocking, and are also a gift to Mother Nature in return for her world’s offerings. We’ve combined some of our most popular energy and water saving products into delightfully green Christmas Gift Packs, to help spread the meaning of efficiency and green living amongst families and friends. Furthermore, our green Christmas gifts keep giving for years to come, offering sustainability as well as massive savings. View our extended range of Christmas Gift Packs below.

Camping Christmas Gift Packs

While those in the Northern hemisphere are dressed warmly in scarves and building snowmen over Christmas, we South Africans are enjoying the height of a blissful summer. Camping is a favourite pastime of many nature loving South Africans, so why not spoil a friend or family member with our Camping Christmas Gift Pack? Reduce your carbon footprint with a Bush Baby Dynamo Torch, a Dynamo Soccer Radio and a Nokero Power Panel to charge mobile phones.

Household Christmas Gift Packs

For the less outdoorsy types, we’ve combined some of the most innovative energy and water saving products currently on the market into one affordable Christmas gift pack. The patented Biowashball receives the highest green accolade for laundry washing, as it leaves clothes sparkling clean using absolutely no chemicals or detergents. This green Christmas gift is composed of natural ceramics cased in a non-toxic plastic sphere, which effectively cleans clothing for a period of three years. The Household Christmas Gift Pack also includes a kitchen tap aerator that greatly reduces water consumption. Finally, our Biogrow Eco Kettle minimises the excessive energy needed to heat water.

Recycling Christmas Gift Pack

For those with green fingers the Recycling Christmas Gift Pack is the perfect way to keep your garden healthy and eco friendly, and helps make home recycling effortless. Included is the Bokashi Kitchen Composter Kit, which ferments organic kitchen waste to produce nutrient rich compost for your plants. The Plascan Bottle and Drinks Can Crusher makes the storage of your recyclables more compact, making storage more efficient in the three recycling boxes included. With our Christmas Gift Packs you are not only investing in eco friendly and cash saving products; you are also ensuring that the greatest gift of all is preserved for future generations; the gift of a healthy, thriving planet that everyone can enjoy. Merry Christmas! We've also hand selected some of our favourite eco friendly gifts for Christmas 2014!