Go Digital and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

When people consider the term ‘digital’, plastic and artificiality often comes to mind. Green and digital are not common first mind associations. This bias holds many of us back from benefiting from the technology that has the potential to help us reduce our individual and collective carbon footprints. From Smartphone apps to digital gadgets, here are the technologies that may assist you in becoming a greener citizen:

1. Carbon Monitoring apps

My Planet is an android and iPhone app that displays your personal carbon footprint and its variation based on your day-to-day choices. When initially using the app you are given an opportunity to customise your world, then you take a quiz to measure how green you are. Based on your answers, your world will change. This game like app gives you the chance to earn badges and offers helpful tips of how you can reduce your carbon footprint. The app is also linked to Facebook if you’d like to share your achievements and progress with your friends. My Planet app Zero Carbon is a global carbon foot printing app that offers more insight than competing applications. The app provides in depth information about what greenhouse gasses you create and how they affect the climate. Zero Carbon App Carbon Track is an app specifically designed for businesses. All businesses incur financial and environmental costs. Carbon Track provides an estimation of your busines’sCO2 emissions caused by your core business activities, such as travel, electricity usage and waste. The app allows you to compare the environmental effect associates with different modes of transport, calculate the potential electricity saving from switching off different office electronics when not in use, and measures the environmental impact of different types of waste. The data released by Carbon Track is intended to give you an idea of how easy it is to measure and monetise greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts across your entire internal operations and supply chain using the SAP Carbon Impact on-demand solution. Becoming a more sustainable business does not only benefit the environment, but it also may lead to higher profits! Carbon Track App

2. Rhomberg DHC15A Weekly Timer Switch

Rhomberg’s weekly geyser timer switch is a simple and easy to program device that will save you money by turning your geyser on and off when hot water is required and not required. The device allows advanced pre-setting one week in advance and features 8 programmable on/off settings. rhomberg-dhc15a

3. Electricity Usage Monitors

Efergy’s Engage Hub Kit enables you to monitor how much electricity is being used in your home online and in real-time through the engaging Efergy online platform and apps for Android, iPhone and iPad. By being able to track your energy costs online in real-time, you can reduce your electricity bills and carbon footprint significantly. Efergy’s Engage Hub Kit The Efergy E2 Optical is a wireless electricity monitor, which accurately measures the electricity consumed in your home or business. The E2 Optical updates every 30 seconds, showing real-time data so that you can take the right energy saving decisions on the spot and save money on electricity instantly. Efergy E2 Optical Homebug’s electricity monitor is a South African manufactured electricity monitoring option that works specifically well for homes. The great feature about Homebug’s monitor is that it generates detailed graphs of your electricity usage, per minute, hour, day and month. With this tool you will ultimately get to know your usage patterns and see in which areas you can save on electricity. Homebug’s electricity monitor

4. Carpool and Ride Sharing Apps

It is widely known that cars contribute to a large portion of Co2 emissions, and with the rising cost in fuel and oil, travelling via motor cars have become very expensive. These challenges can easily be overcome by the latest carpooling or ride sharing apps such as Hopin and Carpool World (available in South Africa). Simply register an account, provide the details of where you are travelling and whether you are a driver wishing to offer lifts or whether you are seeking a lift. carpoolworld With the latest digital tools available on the market, managing your impact on the environment becomes easy and convenient. With immediate data and information you have the ability to make smart choices that could save you money and time. If there are any other digital tools that work well for you, feel to comment.