Geyser Efficiency to Suit Your Budget

The time for jerseys, fireside chats and hot chocolate is here. Winter and its crisp air have snuck up on us, alerting us not only to an impending wardrobe change, but also a more desperate need for hot showers! Electricity bills can skyrocket in winter, with geysers significantly contributing to the energy usage- on average between 30-50%, according to Eskom. Your geyser energy usage doesn’t need to be a headache this winter, however – offer a range of geyser efficiency solutions for all budgets:

Budget: None

These tips won’t cost you a cent but help you reduce your electricity bill:
  • For more energy efficiency install a vertical geyser rather than a horizontal one, they distribute the water more efficiently.
  • Install the geyser close to hot water points to prevent the water from cooling when it runs to the tap.
  • Reduce the temperature setting on your geyser thermostat to save up to 10% on your electricity bill. Most geysers’ default temperature is set at 65°C but this can be changed to 50°C for summer and 60°C for winter.
  • Switch off your geyser when it’s not in use. If you fear that your memory might fail you, set initial reminders to make it a part of your daily routine or only switch it off when you go on holiday.
  • Showering for an average length of time takes much less electricity than filling up a bath.

Budget: R100 - R 1000

Geyser Blanket & Timer

The simplest way to an efficient geyser is to install a geyser blanket and geyser timer. They are inexpensive and guaranteed to cut your electricity bill: blanket_1Product: Sustainable Geyser Blanket Price: R145.00 (It would take approximately a year to pay back with the reduction of your electricity bill) Product info: Geyser water temperature typically drops by 1 degree per hour, therefore requiring constant energy to keep it warm. A geyser blanket can cut this energy usage by half. ellies-power-timer-switch Product: Ellies Power Timer Price: R355.00 Product info: The Power Timer offers users daily programmes with 16 on/off settings per day as well as the option for weekly programming. This means the geyser will only come on when you need it – some hours in the morning and then again in the evening. View more timer options here.

Pipe Insulation

By insulating your geyser pipes you’ll prevent the water from cooling on the way to the hot water tap. The two meters closest to the geyser are the most important pipes to insulate for optimal efficiency. untitled-2_1Product: Armaflex Pipe Insulation: 6 – 13mm Price: R 13.16- R 29.72 Product info: The Armaflex pipe insulation has an inbuilt water vapour barrier which prevents moisture from entering, resulting in long term thermal efficiency. 50% Of the heat lost in a home’s hot water pipes occurs within 4 metres of the geyser so we advise insulating all piping around the geyser.

Budget: R 1000 - R 2 000

For a budget of over a thousand to two thousand rand, you can consider investing in higher-end geyser efficiency meters as well as instant water heaters: geysterwise_new_3Product: Geyserwise Max Price: R 1 147, 00 Product info: This South African-designed intelligent energy control unit will help you reduce your electricity bill as well as your carbon footprint. The control unit allows you to programme, monitor and control your geyser’s energy consumption and will protect your geyser from malfunctions, scale build up and element failure. They are compatible with traditional as well as solar powered geysers. dafishowerwaterheater_2Product: Dafi Instant Water Heaters Price: R 1693,00 – R 1 770,00 Product info: Dafi Heaters will help you save significantly on electricity used for heating water as you will only heat the water you use. This makes them ideal devices to boost or even replace existing geyser systems. offers three versions in different strengths.

Budget: Over R 4 000

Ultimately, if your budget allows, the most effective way to cut your electricity bill will be to invest in a solar powered geyser combined with the above geyser blanket and timer. Replacing your conventional geyser with a solar powered system can reduce your geyser electricity consumption by up to 70%. offers up to 24 different solar geyser options from 100 to 250 litres: big-systems_2_2_1Product: Sustainable 100L Low Pressure Close Coupled Solar Water Heating Kit Price: 4 644.00 Product info: This solar hot water system can be easily installed on nearly any roof surface. The circulation of the hot water happens without complicated pumps or controllers as the system is build upon the natural thermosiphon principle. genergy-low-pressure-solar-_1Product: Genergy: 110L Low Pressure Gravity Fed Complete System Solar Water Heating Kit Price: R 8 465.00 Product info: This low pressure gravity feed complete system is made up from a vacuum glass tube collector, an insulated storage tank and optional stand parts ( make up tank). The glass tubes are filled with water and as it receives sunlight, the water is heated up. Other than the above, offer a host of other products to see your household and/or business through the winter, whilst saving on geyser energy. Get in touch today and we’ll take you through the options best suited to your budget. For more energy saving tips, follow the blog.