Geyser Efficiency: Is Your Electricity Bill in Hot Water?

Geysers are put under strain every day ensuring needs are met when we take hot showers, use dishwashers and fill our hot water bottles. They are under constant demand and thus use a large portion of our household electricity; that is why geyser efficiency is the one of the first options considered when looking for energy saving solutions. As the world moves towards a greener future that centres on sustainable living, people are constantly seeking ways to save energy and money, and now there are several simple solutions to consider.
  • For people who cannot, at this stage, consider solar water heating, geyser blankets are an excellent step toward cutting energy costs because they immediately reduce electricity consumption. Without blankets the hot water in a geyser loses 1% of heat every hour. Geyser blankets improve the efficiency of the geyser i.e.geysers do less work when they aren’t required to re-heat the water.
  • The geyser duvet is also designed to provide insulation for geysers – much like the geyser blanket - however the top quality insulation material is thicker than that of the blanket, providing a longer insulation period. A geyser duvet not only serves an energy efficient purpose but it is also manufactured using non-toxic materials. The inside is filled with a material manufactured from recycled plastic bottles as opposed to environmentally unfriendly fibreglass material
  • Geyser blankets combined with pipe insulation can further increase geyser efficiency. The pipes leading to and from geysers are generally made of copper that conducts heat – 50% of the heat loss occurs in the first four metres of these pipes. It is suggested by energy efficient experts that one considers pipe insulation when purchasing a geyser blanket or duvet. The installation procedure is simple and will substantially reduce your water heating costs.
  • Geyser timers are excellent for energy efficiency, offering up to 25% savings. Many people have opted to manually switching their geysers on and off to save on electricity. Although this can be effective, investing in a timer can save you both time and money. There are a range of timers available from basic to more advanced units that offer increased functionality.
  • Next in line in the way of geyser efficiency is the Dafi water heater. This automatic heater activates as and when you require hot water. ...These units are ideally suited to kitchen sinks, basins and showers.
Geyser efficiency is becoming more and more popular, not only from the monetary perspective, but also because Mother Nature could do with a break. Use the extra cash saved through reduced water heating costs to purchase a complete water heating system, which includes a solar geyser, pump kits and rube collectors, as well as other components depending on your home's hot water requirements.