Use Gas Water Heaters for Energy Efficient Water Supply

solar kitIt’s a well known fact that geysers make up a large portion of the total energy consumption of a home or office. However, efforts to implement a more efficient water heating system are often cast aside, even though water heating is considered the easiest green installation and a first step to making your home more energy efficient. Gas water heaters are an attractive and efficient alternative to high consumption electrical water heaters and can also be used in addition to your solar water heating system, as a backup warm water supply. Another advantage of a gas water heater is that it reduces a building’s reliance on Eskom’s services. This article describes the technology of gas water heaters and its application in the home and office, outlining further benefits of a gas water heating installation. Green Technology: Gas Water Heaters Gas water heaters use liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), most commonly in the form of propane and butane, which are safe and environmentally friendly fuel sources. The greenest form of ignition is the innovative hydrogenerator ignition, which requires no batteries or manual start up. Water heating is initiated as soon as a tap is opened, offering an instantaneous hot water supply. Like battery powered gas water heaters, hydrogenerators are safe, efficient and quick to use. Depending on the volume of water needed and the appliances that the water supplies, either a single point or multi point hot water system is best. A multi point gas water heater supplies all hot water points with a single water heater unit. The volume and temperature of water at each point can be individually regulated, making a multi point gas water heater ideal for situations where hot water is needed at different points, and where the piping to these points is not excessively long. Alternatively, a single point hot water system has a unit placed at each water point, making hot water instantly available. Gas Water Heater Applications Depending on the volume of water needed, different sized instant gas water heaters are required. The average gas water heater for residential use ranges from 11-18 litres, which is sufficient for everyday hot water necessities, including showers. However, gas water heaters are not ideal for energy intensive baths, which can use up to 150 litres of hot water at a time and are thus extremely wasteful. Because of the convenience and independent operation of a gas water heater, it is ideal for camping sites or remote eco cottages. Gas water heaters are also an excellent additive to solar water heating system, as it can intelligently maintain an instant supply of hot water no matter the weather.