Focusing on Solar Energy – Introducing Our New Solar Products

artsolarIt may surprise you to know that 60 minutes of sunshine is enough to sustain and satisfy the global energy needs for an entire year. With spring here, and with the sun’s rays just stretching beyond the clouds, we need to start thinking about how to capture this energy and make it useable. As oil prices increase and concerns over environment degradation rise, harnessing solar energy is proving to be an energy alternate that deserves some serious consideration from every home owner. Arriving just in time for the warmer weather, has launched a new selection of great solar products that can be used in your home and garden, made even more efficient with the latest solar technologies.

MiSolar Light Range

We’re excited to introduce the Misolar light range, a new solar product that makes it easy to pep up your blooming garden, provides added security for your home and saves on outdoor or indoor lighting costs in and around the house. The Misolar light range included in solar lighting kits is unique in design and performance and has been specifically made for African conditions. The miHome2 kit for example, comes with two LED lamps, a battery box and a 10W solar panel with bracket, various cell phone adaptors and extension cables for lamps. The box has two 12VDC output sockets for lights and one 5VDC USB output socket for cell phone charging. Manufactured in South Africa, the MiSolar light range is expandable and comes with a variety of lights to choose from.

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ARTSolar Photovoltaic Module

ARTSolar photovoltaic modules are also made in South Africa which has the great advantage of a shorter lead time. Should stock run out, we’ll be able to guarantee an order within weeks. For those who appreciate great design, The ARTSolar photovoltaic modules have more than one look to choose from which helps when you’re trying to find products that will add to the aesthetic appeal of your home.


SunPower Solar Modules

The brilliant new SunPower solar module has the highest efficiency in its class. It’s up to 18% more efficient and delivers 50% more power than conventional solar cells. Higher system output means lower installation costs and space requirements, as fewer panels are required. Thanks to its advanced Maxeon cell technology, it’s fast becoming the world’s standard for solar and we’re proud to be offering it. Its 25 year product warranty, more than double that of its counterparts, makes it a worthwhile investment for your home.

ReneSola Module

ReneSola is committed to product development and quality control. With in-house casting furnaces and slicing technologies, striving for excellence while maintaining technological leadership is always their goal. Made by Solaire, the ReneSola Virtus II 300W solar panel is strongly committed to leadership. Another sign of commitment to leadership is the 10 year warranty and 25 year linear power warranty for the ReneSola Virtus II 300W solar panel.

Efergy Engage Hubsphone

Monitor, reduce and save - the Efergy engage hub kits enables you to see exactly how much electricity is being used in your home. For those on the move, Efergy’s free online platform and mobile app make energy usage trackable no matter where you are. By tracking your energy costs online in real-time, you can reduce your electricity bills and carbon footprint. The engage hub kit provides you with all you need to start monitoring your energy use through the engage online platform. Through this new technology it is now possible for you to view your home energy anytime, from anywhere.

New Solar Technology on the Horizon

Solar technology is improving rapidly as there are concerns of the initial start up costs to living from solar power. A team of researchers from the University of Alberta developed a cost effective solar cell made with spray – paint synthetics, with benefits around money saving.For more information about our new product range or how to create a more energy efficient home, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

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