Fairtrade at Work - Get Involved!

The team at Sustainble.co.za has never had a problem with consuming a good, steaming cup of coffee. And now, since recently joining the Fairtrade at Work initiative, there’s never been a better reason to get our daily caffeine fix!

What is Fairtrade?

Fairtrade is a global movement which encourages equality, development and sustainability in trading in the farming sector. ‘Our ultimate goal is to offer you products which empower farming communities and foster sustainable development in Africa reads the organisation’s SA-based Twitter banner. The movement provides ethical certification - certified products measuring up to the strict Fairtrade Standards carry the Fairtrade label. These standards work towards better labour and living conditions for the farming communities as well as promote farming which takes the environment into consideration. When a product carries the label, both producers and traders have met the Fairtrade standards.

How Can Businesses Get Involved?

The Fairtrade at Work (FAW) programme provides businesses with the opportunity to play a role in making African trade fairer and more sustainable. To join the Fairtrade at Work programme, businesses have to start by providing at least one Fairtrade product in the office. Businesses can therefore easily join the movement by simply switching to Fairtrade coffee and/or tea in the office. Fairtrade also offers a range of wine and chocolate for office parties. Within two years of joining the FAW programme, partners are required to stock at least two products and after three years they are asked to make Fairtrade part of their procurement policies. FAW partners therefore essentially become Fairtrade ambassadors after three years. For more details or to sign up, download their Fairtrade at Work minimum requirements or the Fairtrade at Work registration form from their website.


Why Get Involved?

  • You will get to play a role in looking after the planet and the workers on the planet.
  • Faitrade at Work effectively increase a company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) profile to show that they not only care about drinking great coffee but also for sustainable and fair trading.
  • Fairtrade will help promote a business as a company who cares about social responsibility and sustainable development.
  • The company will be featured on Fairtrade’s website.
  • The partnering company will become a part of a national and global network of Fairtrade supporters.
  • You get to consume top class coffee, wine and chocolate – need we say more?


Speaking on why Sustainable.co.za has chosen to join, Zeke Murphy, Head of Sales and Development said, "Sustainable.co.za is committed to making a difference and reducing the impact we have on this beautiful planet. It is a commitment we like to incorporate into all aspects of our business operations including the coffee we drink.” Sustainable.co.za is proud to have become a FAW partner by making delicious Barundian coffee from www.beanthere.co.za our office coffee choice and encourage other businesses to jump on board the worthwhile movement!