Ecovative Design Gives Promise to the Idea of Sustainable Shipping

Styrofoam bubbles, packing peanuts or petroleum balls of fury – call them what you like, but the Styrofoam packing peanuts that get used in millions of fragile packages everyday are virtually indestructible and are terrible for the environment. Enter Ecovative Design and their Magic Packing Mushrooms… Ecovative Design is a small company operating out of New York that looks to change the world of shipping around the world, from the States to freight shipping Durban where hundreds of agencies deal with clearing and forwarding Durban on a daily basis. Headed up by their 26 year old CEO Eben Bayer, who has almost reached celebrity status in the eco-friendly community, Ecovative Design has recently developed an alternative solution to the small Styrofoam packing peanuts that we use to protect our precious goods in transit; a small, eco-friendly, peanut-like particle that is made from mushroom spores. These little bits of fungi have the same soft and durable feel as Styrofoam packing peanuts, however they will not exist for another full 25 years, polluting our earth as they float down our rivers, fill up our dumpsites and pollute our soil. The mushroom spores that have been implemented by Ecovative Design have a much shorter lifespan as they are fully biodegradable, yet they provide the same protection as the small petroleum filled balls that we are currently accustomed to. Ecovative Design has shot to fame in a short space of time thanks to this small, but very useful innovation. Their goal is nothing less than completely replacing the existence of strofoam packing peanuts with their very own product. Should they achieve this, not only will they be dominating the $20 billion a year packing material industry, but they will be playing a huge part in saving our planet. To find out more, visit the Ecovative Design website at: