Eco Travel Tips: How to Choose a Green Cruise

The summer holiday season is fast approaching, and many of us are dreaming of soaking up the sun in style on the deck of a cruise ship. Naturally, the smart choice for seafaring holidaymakers would be a cruise with an eco travel line; traditional ocean liners are known for emitting large volumes of pollutants and grey water, and green travel companies have stepped in to create a more eco friendly cruise experience for environmentally responsible travellers. As we face the threat of climate change and water shortages, clearing agent companies cruise liners alike are turning to eco friendly travel solutions, effectively reducing the environmental impact of ship journeys, be they for business or pleasure. So if you’ve set your sights on a holiday at sea, consider the following points so you can choose a cruise company that is truly committed to eco friendly travel: • It pays to go local. Green travel companies will aim to support the community they travel in, and will be more likely to employ local crew and deal with local suppliers, boosting their country’s economy. • Find out about the waste disposal policies aboard the ship. Green cruise companies employ a number of eco friendly waste management solutions when travelling at sea; these may include grey water purification and low-flow toilets. Eco travel companies will also ensure that any garbage is recycled or incinerated, either on board or on land after docking. Some cruise lines have even eliminated the use of plastic packaging on board. • If a cruise line follows the correct eco friendly travel guidelines, the crew and guides will have received some training in ecotourism and will be able to show passengers how to interact respectfully with the surrounding marine life and the local environment. • Find out if the cruise line collaborates with other eco friendly travel companies to offer passengers a green tourism experience once they step ashore. A green travel company will consider all aspects of a journey, including the air freight and road travel emissions that result from their passengers’ excursions on land. Many eco travel companies will mention all these details in their promotional material, but you can also contact your chosen cruise line with further questions, or request a customer reference. Follow these guidelines and you’ll soon see it's plain sailing to a find luxurious eco friendly cruise!