Earth Hour 2013: Dare the World to Save the Planet

Switch off for Earth Hour!

earth hour The 6th annual Earth Hour will take place this year on Saturday, March 23rd, from 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm. The tagline for the 2013 event is “Dare the World to Save the Planet”, a direct challenge to all the earth’s inhabitants to take action and fight climate change. The Earth Hour organisation has created the “I Will if You Will” campaign, where individuals pledge what they are prepared to do if others engage in environmentally-friendly activities. Supermodel Miranda Kerr, for instance, pledged to host a free yoga class if 500 people initiated their own challenges. Dares range from the mundane to the utterly eccentric.

Humble Beginnings Down Under

Earth Hour was created by the World Wildlife Foundation, and began in Sydney in 2007, where 2.2 million people switched off all their non-essential lights for an hour. The event surged in popularity, uniting people from over 7001 towns and 152 countries and territories worldwide in 2012.

From All Corners of the Earth

Whilst the aim of Earth Hour is to raise awareness regarding the impact of our lifestyles upon the planet, their major focus this year is on converting people to renewable energy. The organisation is encouraging cities to go above and beyond simply turning out their lights and saving energy, and promote clean energy, reduce their carbon emissions and prepare for the effects of extreme weather events resulting from climate change.

Here Comes Sun

Solar power is one of the cleanest energy sources, as it is renewable and results in zero emissions. Furthermore, it is incredibly efficient and easy to use. After the initial investment, there are no further costs. Solar security lights, for instance, can provide illumination all night without having to be plugged in, and simply recharge in the sun the next day. Solar ground lights and courtyard lamps provide a similar function. Meanwhile, solar jars can be used in place of torches to light your way. Even when you’re switched off from the grid, you’re never truly in the dark.

Things to Do in the Dark

Switching off your lights for an hour is simply a symbolic act pledging your commitment to the planet. We need to step up and make real, sustainable changes to the way we live our lives. As the saying goes, let us tread lightly and leave nothing but footprints. What will you be doing to show your support on March 23rd? Happy Earth Hour to you, from all of us here at