I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas Gift

green Christmas giftThis Christmas, consider the gift of giving not only for your loved ones, but also for the environment, that provides us with so much more than just Christmas trees and snow (in the Northern hemisphere at least). Green Christmas gifts and the festivities of the season not only present the opportunity to make resolutions that can progress into healthy everyday domestic habits, but can also teach us to conserve water and energy during a time of excess and indulgence. In order to help you enjoy a green Christmas this year, we’ve created four great green Christmas gift packs that will help Christmas shine brighter using half the energy, by packaging favourite eco products into an efficient and cost effective bundle.

Water Saving

In many regions of South Africa, summer does not only bring sunshine and festivities, but also water shortages, and thus it is important to take measures to reduce your water usage. The Sustainable Water Saving Christmas Gift Pack is the perfect starter kit for all households, to ensure that one of our most precious resources is not wasted. The Water Saving Christmas Gift Pack includes water saving showers taps, tap aerators for the bathroom and kitchen as well as a dual flush toilet system.

Geyser Efficiency

Electricity prices continue to rise and it is a well known fact that geysers are largely responsible for household electricity consumption. The Sustainable Geyser Efficiency Christmas Gift Pack consists of a large geyser blanket and pipe insulation to ensure that no heat is lost, as well as a digital geyser timer for conservation and convenience. Put aside the savings made from your lowered electricity bill and work towards investing in a solar geyser or solar water heating kit.

Solar Lights

Let this Christmas shine brightly using as little energy as possible with the Sustainable Solar Lights Christmas Gift Pack. This consists of a solar jar, which literally bottles sunshine in an attractive unit, solar security lights and romantic fairy lights to create a festive atmosphere without the use of electricity...perfect for camping under the stars.

Solar LED Lights

Our final green Christmas gift is a practical solution for energy efficiency and combines environmentally friendly LED spotlights, bulbs and fairy lights in a single package. In using less energy for your lighting needs, the gift of conserving energy will shine brightly, making the Sustainable Solar LED Lights Christmas Gift Pack an ideal green Christmas gift. We aren't the only one’s championing a green Christmas. In fact Santa Claus, or Saint Nicolas as he is known in Europe, originally wore a green Christmas suit, and not the red attire that is seen in popular images today. Thus, to get into the spirit of a truly green Christmas, make sure that you offer green Christmas gifts that continue to give throughout the year, by not only caring for the environment but for pockets too. Don't forget to check out our updated list of Christmas gifts and lighting for a truly green and joyous festive season.