Determine Your Savings with our Energy Efficiency Calculator!

Everyone is encouraging you to go green and save energy to do your bit for the environment, but the initial overhead costing is so daunting that many people are not considering it as a viable option. The “industry experts” say that the long term savings of converting to alternative energy sources and using environmentally friendly products are worth it, but they provide averages that are not specific to your household or business. This is why we at have developed our Sustainable Calculator, which will help you calculate how much money and energy you can save by converting to more energy efficient products. You don’t need to install solar panels and wind turbines and take yourself completely off the grid. Simple changes in your household products will go a long way in terms of making sustainable savings on your monthly energy bills. By switching from regular light bulbs and showerheads to more energy efficient LED light bulbs and water saving showerheads, you will experience substantial savings. While changing a couple of light bulbs doesn’t seem like it will do much to save energy and money, you’d be amazed by the actual results. This is where the Sustainable Calculator comes in. All you need to do is enter the product types and quantities, as well as the number of hours that you use them each day, and the Calculator will work out your monthly, annual and 10-year savings if you switch to energy efficient products. It will also provide details on the total cost of switching to these products (installation costs for solar water heating kits included), as well as the payback period of your investment. Why not try out our Sustainable Calculator to see for yourself how much you can save on your monthly energy bill by making a few simple changes. Many of the energy efficient products that can help you save are sold on our site, making it even easier for you to save money while doing your bit for the environment.