Steps to Combat Rhino Poaching in 2011

Rhino poaching in South Africa in 2010 became very much a hot topic amongst conservationists locally and around the world. The situation has almost become uncontrollable as poachers are realizing the ease at which they are currently able to poach rhinos and easily find people who are willing to buy their merchandise around the world. Unfortunately the rhino poaching industry is almost in a state of flourish, which is obviously not ideal for a species that is fast nearing extinction. What is being done to combat rhino poaching in 2011?
  • Rhino poaching statistics last year revealed that 300 Rhinos were killed in 2010, 134 of which were killed at Kruger Park where thousands of foreigners flock to every year for Kruger Park safaris.
  • The good news is that the public as well as conservation organizations are waking up to the severity of the situation and lending a hand where they can to ensure that Johannesburg safaris do not become a thing of the past.
  • At a government level, the South African National Defence Force has been given the go ahead to assist SANParks with its anti-rhino poaching campaign this year – their role is yet to be confirmed.
  • NGO’s such as the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) and WWF-SA have committed to assisting the fight against poachers around the South Africa.
  • A “Stop Rhino Poaching” website has been setup by national parks, providing an informational source for rhino lovers to assist in the fight against rhino poachers. The site details potential poaching hotspots, provides a whistleblower platform whereby suspicious rhino poaching activity can be reported as well as a platform for supporters to donate money to the ongoing cause of rhino poaching. To date, the Stop Rhino Poaching website has raised over R85 000 towards the cause.
  • Jacaranda FM raised over R1m towards the cause and continues to support anti-rhino poaching organizations around the country.
  • The EWT is running a research project in order to find solutions to the rhino poaching in South Africa. Their goals include training procedures, legal matters and permit applications.
As you can see, the ongoing rhino poaching issue has escalated to a level of urgency whereby rhino lovers are coming together to do whatever needs to be done to put a stop to this terrible crime. If you would like to assist in any way, visit the Stop Rhino Poaching website today: