Tinsel Time: Top Tips for Celebrating a Green Christmas

green-christmas decorations Advent calendars are lining supermarket shelves, end-of-year functions are looming closer and the frenzy that is the festive season is just around the corner. Traditionally, this period is all about giving, but why not make this year about taking? That is, taking the right steps towards celebrating a green Christmas.

Tree Time

The Christmas tree is perhaps the most iconic symbol of the Christmas period. Going green, however, doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to plant a piece of foliage in your living room for a few weeks. You can use recycled materials, cardboard etc. to fashion a work of art, under which Santa can deliver your behaviour-dependent rewards.

Sustainable “Presents” of Mind

Doing what you can to make sure that you practise a green Christmas this year will only compound the festive cheer and there’s no reason why you can’t give quality presents with a focus on sustainable living. Here are a few considerations to take into account while heading towards the big day.
  • Reuse wrapping paper or make your own out of recycled material
  • Ensure that your Christmas cards are printed on recycled paper
  • Send thoughtful, entertaining eCards to friends and family.

Eco Aesthetic

Your house doesn’t have to be filled with generic mass produced decorations over Christmas. Decorating the Christmas tree conjures youthful and fond memories for many of us, but why not go a step further by getting the family together to create your own “green” decorations. Christmas lights are an essential for many families, and finding options with low energy consumption is a breeze. Being aware of your ecological footprint this festive season doesn't take much effort at all. As we give to friends and family, so we should give back to the environment by being eco-aware and enjoying a green Christmas.