Camping off the Grid - Practice Self-Reliance at Afrikaburn

Imagine being stranded in the middle of nowhere. There is nothing around you except rock, dust and the odd shrub. Above you the unforgiving sun is scorching. You are not equipped to deal with these harsh conditions. How will you survive?


It’s getting close to that time of the year where thousands of people trek to the beautiful Tankwa Karoo to live in the beautiful alternative reality that is Afrikaburn. For those who are not familiar with the event, it is set in the Karoo desert and is similar to the Burning Man festival which is held annually in the United States of America.


Considering that Afrikaburn is a non-commercial, artistic event, complete self-reliance is required from participants. This means bringing your own food, water and shelter for the duration of your stay. Apart from the sheer nothingness of the Karoo, you are exposed to extreme hot and cold temperatures in the daytime and evenings. To make things more difficult, ripping winds occasionally blow over the plains. Afrikaburn The folk at believe in self-reliance, whether at home or away, and have put together a list of tools that will make your off grid camping experience at Afrikaburn comfortable and enjoyable!

1. Elbro Solar Suitcases

Elbro’s portable multi-use solar suitcase is water resistant and built to be durable in harsh conditions. These solar suitcases are versatile and offer multifunctional ports such as 230 V AC, 5 V DC USB (Mobile-Phone, Laptop, MP3, iPad etc.), and 12 V DC (portable devices) adapters. The electrical charge provided by a Elbro Solar Suitcase is enough to power a small camping fridge. Elbro Solar Suitcases solarsuitcase_2

2. Sun Jars

Sun Jars each contain a LED light housed in a glass jar and are powered by solar energy. These beautiful jars are a completely eco friendly lighting option. In addition to the clear version, Sun Jars come in a range of colours which make them great for colourful festivals like Afrikaburn. Sun jars

3. Hotbox Eco Cooker

Hotbox Eco Cookers are a great benefit to cooking in the sense that they reduce the amount of fuel needed to cook meals. Bring your one pot dish to the boil, place it in the hot box and go out and enjoy the scenery for a while. When you return, your food will be perfectly cooked and ready for you to enjoy. The Hotbox Eco cooker works through heat retention and uses less energy to prepare meals. Hotbox Eco Cooker

4. Power Travel Solar Gorilla

The Power Travel Solar Gorilla is a solar powered charging station that is used to charge devices such as laptops and mobile phones. The device is durable, versatile (it includes slots to allow suspension on your vehicle or tent) and it’s light to carry, which makes it great for camping trips. Power Travel Solar Gorilla

5. FL Solar Light - 4 Tube Kit

FL’s Solar Light - 4 Tube Kit is a versatile lighting kit that contains a good length extension cable and splitters and also has a cellphone charging feature. The fact that this kit is compact and versatile makes it ideal for camping, caravanning and remote locations. It's ideal for lighting and charging for a communal areas, such as a shared stretch tent. FL Solar Light - 4 Tube Kit

6. Sunstove Solar Oven

The Sunstove Solar Oven 2000 is an oven that works through the intensified heat of the sun. These solar ovens can reach a maximum temperature of 124 degrees Celsius and bring water to the boil in 60 minutes. This means you can cook anything from porridge, rice, stews, soup and bread in the oven. The dimension of a Sunstove Solar Oven 2000 cooker is 780mm x 360mm x 580mm and it has a weight of 4.3kg, which makes it relatively easy to bring along on trips. The great benefit of these ovens is that they work completely through sun heat and do not require any wood or charcoal, which runs out eventually. Sunstove Solar Oven

7. Edible bowls

One of the most important aspects of Afrikaburn is that it is considered a ‘green’ event in the sense that whatever waste is generated at the festival must be cleaned up by participants at the end. To reduce the potential waste generated on your camping trip you can purchase edible bowls. These bowls come in a plain or sweeter variety and are great because you have less washing up to do after meals! Edible bowls Remember to prepare well for your trip to Afrikaburn. We hope that you enjoy the festival and that you have a safe journey. For more information about sustainable living, follow our blog. Afrikaburn