Bestsellers List - Get the Gift of Green Living this Christmas

‘Tis the season for a sustainable celebration, which is why we’ve decided to release our best sellers list for gift inspiration. A notoriously expensive time of year for home owners, buy smart and think ‘green’ this Christmas. Spread some environmental cheer by decorating your home with energy-savers that will conveniently pay themselves off in the long run.’s Top 5 Bestsellers List

1. Consol Solar Jar

Light up your house and garden with our fabulous Consol Solar Jar. Receiving the nickname “bottled sunshine” in rave reviews by satisfied customers, this beautiful 1-litre Consol Classic preserve jar encases solar-powered LED lights that serve a very practical function. A smash hit amongst campers, decor enthusiasts and wedding planners alike, the Solar Jar is South Africa’s first choice of solar light, and should definitely be added to your Christmas list this December!

2. Earth (Chrome) Water Saving Showerheads

Christmas is all about luxury and comfort, something’s highly efficient Earth (Chrome) Showerheads are known for. Rated by leading eco publications as “adding value to household”, we recommend that you treat yourself to a daily earth massage this December with our popular water-saving showerhead line.

3. Gaia 108 Solar Flood light’s Night Watchman Solar Flood Light will brighten up your garden for up to four hours before switching over to a motion sensor light. A great security feature that will save you money during the summer months, the unit is easily installed and adds extra protection to your property during vacation periods.

4. Extreme Solar Battery Chargers

Spice up your Christmas camping trip with’s handy Solar Battery Charger kit. Adding a reliable power source to those remote outdoor adventures, the Powermonkey Extreme is a culmination of great energy feedback and usability. Highlights of the device include durability, shock resistance, a waterproof shell, as well as being able to charge 5V devices (from most smart phones, to tablets and more).

5. Solar Pathfinder

There’s nothing quite like those December braais throughout the Christmas period. The ideal light to install on decks, pathways and railings, the Gaia Solar Pathfinder has a built-in day/night sensor in addition to its Ultra-Bright white LEDs that shine for up to six hours. Perfect lighting for outdoor entertaining and garden meals,’s best-selling Solar Pathfinder prioritises eco-friendly ambience from dusk till dawn.

Already have all Our Bestsellers?

For the green gurus who have been eyeing some of our merchandise this past year, here are’s five most-viewed products. Just a taste of what you’re missing out on, it’s certainly a good time to splurge on our luxury items this Christmas.’s Top 5 Most-Viewed Products

Solar Power Kit Eleven

You know you want’s exclusive Solar Power package. Combining optimum performance and salient design features, the kit’s solar panels, storage batteries, inverters, and charge controller comes with all the necessary installation accessories. Add these core components to your household this Christmas to start the New Year in all out energy-efficient style.

Digital Geyser Timer doesn’t need to explain the importance of saving electricity this summer! And our Digital Geyser Timer will help you do just that by ensuring optimum geyser efficiency in your home. A simple investment that comes with the latest COMOS Quartz Micro-Controller, don’t think twice about going for green with our innovative 230V geyser timer technology.

24 LED Solar Floodlight

If you’re looking for a Christmas present that will last for years to come, our Solarworld 24 LED Floodlight certainly has staying power. Boasting a LED life expectancy of more than 10 years and a solar panel life expectancy of fifteen years, this powerful product comes with a detachable poly-crystal solar panel and a fitted light sensor for homeowner’s convenience.

Bosch 389 Litre Fridge

Pull out all the stops this December and get yourself’s Bosch no-frost fridge/freezer combination for your kitchen. Known for its excellent A++ energy efficient rating, Bosch’s use of high performance eco-friendly technology will put a real dent in your household’s electricity consumption. There is even an optional solar power kit for those looking to go off the grid.

BettaLight Range

It’s time to wind down and relax during your holiday, and you can finally do so with’s Bettalight range. These kits include lighting systems suitable for houses in remote villages, as well as a cellphone charger. Perfectly practical for those outdoor recreational activities and stand-by lighting requirements, choose one of our three Bettalight kits according to your budget and needs. Still looking for an excuse to buy our amazing products? The gift of giving is the one Christmas activity over which you have the most control. Show your friends and family the greener side of life by buying them a gift from A great way to spend your money AND get loved ones a unique present, it’ll also ease the environmental pain of the holidays (a two-for-one good deed that you can add to your tree-free Christmas).