Audi A3’s “Green Police” Superbowl ad – Funny or Offensive?

Audi A3 have caused a major controversy in the USA thanks to their recent “Green Police” ad that they premiered during the always anticipated Superbowl half time commercial break. Some think the ad is hilarious, some think it is completely offensive and others think it’s a really useful advertisement that succeeds in getting people to think twice when making everyday decisions that could affect the environment. Check out the Audi A3 ad below: In case you are unable to view the ad, it shows ordinary American citizens being arrested by “green police” for numerous “green offences” such as using plastic shopping bags instead of paper bags, incorrectly disposing of batteries, not making use of orange peels for compost, using the incorrect non- LED lighting and finally arresting a Jacuzzi bather for setting his hot tub thermostat too high. At the end of the ad we see the green police stopping numerous cars for not being eco-friendly, until they see an Audi A3 2.0 clean diesel vehicle which they allow to speed off as it meets their strict requirements. Personally, I think this new Audi A3 campaign is a remarkable success. It is amusing with its tongue-in-cheek portrayal of the “green police” who patrol the streets in their green shorts and hybrid scooter-like vehicles arresting people who break even the smallest of environmentally friendly laws. The advertisement highlights everyday situations and decisions that ordinary people face that could make an impact on our environment - be it what type of bag to use at the supermarket, or whether or not to buy an eco-friendly Audi A3 T clean Diesel vehicle. On the other hand, many environmentalists in the States are claiming that the advert pokes fun at the mentality of people who do their part in looking after the planet. “Green police” do actually exist in the states and in other countries such as the UK, although not on the scale shown in the advertisement, and many claim that this Audi A3 ad is only discrediting any authority these people might have when it comes to enforcing environmental issues. The American government is currently putting massive pressure on its public to be more environmentally friendly, much to the annoyance of many people, and this is just another reason why people think this ad is offensive. Is Audi A3 taking a cheap shot at the government and their environmental ambassadors? How do you feel about the new Audi A3 ad? I think we all need to be able to laugh at ourselves, laugh at the situations we find ourselves in and simply laugh at what I think is an extremely humorous ad with a powerful message. I would love to hear your opinion in the comments box.