Anti-Littering Campaign Goes Viral Guerrilla Style

Something with impact is more likely to leave a lasting impression; at least this is the theory behind a billboard adorning the entrance to the Cresta Shopping Mall and if the amount of social reactions to it is any indication then the theory has been proven. An effective campaign by Guerrilla IMC in Johannesburg sees them combating urban littering while staying true to their namesake. When the outdoor advertising company began canvassing the area immediately surrounding their offices they noticed that littering had reached pandemic levels and decided to use their own unique skills to raise awareness. At Sustainable we wholly support their raising of an important eco-conscious topic and therefore took to social media to share their message with our 3,000+ fans on Facebook; the response was overwhelming.

The Power of Social Media

Here are a few stats concerning the photo of the billboard, uploaded by Matthew Palmer, which went viral and illustrates the power social media has.
  • Over 200 people liked the post.
  • 46 people partook in the online discussion commenting on the billboard.
  • The photo was shared from Sustainable’s Facebook page a staggering 1,039 times (so far)
Sustainable applauds the clear and direct message Guerrilla IMC sent out; while they could not predict it spreading like wildfire, Sustainable is proud that the message has been heard loud and clear reaching thousands of people around the country thanks in no small way to our growing number of fans on Facebook and Twitter. The tone of the message speaks to a frustration South Africans have about littering that continues to present a problem to urban areas. It gives observers who litter a choice, all of which are less than attractive – this lends itself to have people question their own behaviour with little apology and this tact is clearly making an impression on most while resonating with others.

Keep Up With Sustainable

Whether it comes to litter or anti-fracking, Sustainable truly believes that social media is an effective tool in raising awareness to as many people at once as possible; this anti-litter campaign truly illustrates that it’s not only possible but incredibly effective to boot. If this is something you believe in as well, be sure to join our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter as we endeavour to keep you up to date with weekly posts and insightful shares about eco-conscious topics and sustainable solutions for human life.