Ads4Trees – South Africa’s First Ever Green Search Engine

Google it… That’s the first thing you think about when you need to find some information on the internet. This needs to change according to Charles Ash, the spokesman for South Africa’s first ever fully green (eco-friendly) search engine. Green search engines and server hosting centers have been around for a few years already, but none quite like this, check it out… Ads4Trees promises to plant trees and food gardens for every 500 searches that are carried out on their new green search engine. This is the message they’re trying to get out to the masses and people that care about the environment. By simply changing your regular search engine from Google to the green search engine, Ads4Trees, you can help plant trees and food gardens as well as create thousands of jobs locally - somebody needs to plant all these trees don’t they? The innovative new green search engine aims to provide even better and more relevant search results than Google and Bing by simply taking the best combination of results from these two sites and displaying them to users. There shouldn’t be any compromise in the quality of the results that you receive from your search engine according to Taryn Human – the founder of Ads4Trees. Revenue for the green search engine is created in the same way as any other search engine – through display and PPC advertising, and instead of being shared between shareholders, will be used to plant trees and help the local environment in any way possible. The focus is not to get rich, as it is with other search engines, but rather to help those less fortunate in the greenest manner possible. Sustainable would like to encourage all our readers to try the search engine out and take it from there. Sometimes going green is this simple. You should find that you’re still provided with the most relevant and useful results possible and you’ll be doing your bit to help save our precious environment. You don’t always have to go out and buy LED lighting or convert your entire home water heating system to solar heating to help the environment. On that note we’d like to wish all the best of luck to South Africa’s very first green search engine – Good luck to Taryn and Ads4Trees! Start searching green today by clicking here.