9 Suprising things about people who go solar

A lot of people may think that the current adopters of home solar power are your stereotypical tree-hugging, left-leaning, well-to-do ex-hippies; those who can’t stop raving about their organic fruit purchases or their latest discovery of granola combinations from Mother’s Market. Although this seems like a logical analysis of past homeowners who went solar, it’s simply not true anymore, and some of the reasons might even leave you a little bit perplexed. They don’t do it for the environment. Most would agree that saving the world is nice and everything, but the majority of polled homeowners who went solar did it for the money. Homeowners acknowledged the fact that one of the major reasons for making the purchase was that it would alleviate some of the stress on their wallets. They’re really into cars. Solar homeowners love their gadgets — especially their rides. People mentioned their cars a lot in the survey. Whether they were planning to use the solar energy to power their hybrid vehicle for free, or to make themselves feel better about cruising around town in their gas-guzzlers.