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  • Winter Can Wait!

    With summer now little more than a distant memory and the nights already starting to draw in, let us help you keep warm this Autumn by enjoying a comfortable green lifestyle and saving money at the same time. Our motto at is "Buy once, buy well", and we have so many great products available that you will be coming back for more.

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  • Off-grid living is easier than you think.

    Many people aspire to becoming totally self-sufficient and living off-grid but feel that it is impossible due to the technology involved and the financial implications, but we are here to tell you that going off the grid is easier than you think, if you put the time in.

    Like anything desirable, achieving aspirations take time and dedication. Due to the fact that we have more than 15 years of experience, we have listed our top tips on how to go to make a smooth transition to going off-grid.

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  • Let us put the Spring back into your Step this Season

    Let us put a Spring in your step.

    Spring is, simply put, the reawakening from the slumber of Winter. Cold weather and dark days start turning around. Birds can be heard twittering harmoniously as the dawn breaks earlier and earlier. This is much to the enjoyment and pleasure of most.

    Renewal, Rejuvenation and Revitalisation

    At we have decided to focus the start of the lighter, warmer months on the theme of the renewal, revitalisation and rejuvenation of your lifestyle and the life of the planet.

    Our team have spent many hours putting together fantastic, well packaged Spring Kits. From eco-friendly cleaning products to the perfect water-saving hampers and Braai Day packages and more. We will also be running the biggest competition we have had to date. Read on to find out more.

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  • Load Shedding - Don't be left in the dark

    Load Shedding - Don't be left in the dark again.

    Is Load Shedding back? Are we forever waiting for another run of stage 1, 2 and 3bs? Whenever there is a power cut, many of us wait with bated breath for the dreaded announcement. For some South Africans, load shedding has never stopped. After another scare a few weeks ago, we at have decided to write a guide on how to prepare yourself for power cuts. From small cost effective solutions, to larger, long term applications, we have ensured that we have it all.

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  • Come out of the Cold this Winter

    Winter has arrived in Summer-loving South Africa, and that means the days are darker, the nights are colder and the electricity bills start creeping skyward.

    At, we are all about improving lifestyles the green way, not only through energy efficiency but by saving you some cash for a rainy day adventure.

    Let there be Light

    The fact of the matter is that the nights last longer in the cold months, so lighting is imperative in keeping things cosy. Simply replace your lights with their LED counterparts and they can burn all night while still using a fraction of the power used by incandescent bulbs in the evenings.

    Some people are concerned by the quality of the light but fear not, we have a wide range of LED lights available in warm, natural and cool white, catering to all tastes. Our Solar Lights are also great for outdoor use, whether you crave the ambiance of outdoor lighting or have them installed for safety reasons, we have what you need.



    Snuggling up

    It is very easy to reach for the aircon or electric heater/ blanket when the days are cold but we have some alternative solutions that will warm your cockles.

    If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace, rather opt for a roaring fire over an electrical heater or aircon. Anything that generates heat uses a lot of power so the environment and your pocket will feel the expense. We have fantastic eco-logs and firelighters available. Our eco-logs burn longer and hotter and create minimal smoke and our firelighters don't smell at all because, you guessed it, zero parrafin! Best of all, our prices match standard bags of wood and firelighters that can be purchased at retail shops so it's a win-win kind of deal.

    To beat the cold in bed, pile up on the blankets, or put a hot water bottle in the bed for a few hours before you go to sleep at night.


    Keep things Steamy

    Geysers struggle in Winter and become less efficient due to the cold. Keep your geyser happy by wrapping it in a blanket and pipe insulation and greatly reduce heat loss. Gas geysers are also a great alternative to standard electrical geysers and can be great back-up for off-grid homes. For those that do not like wasting water, Instant Water Heaters are a great way to save on water by reducing the time it takes for the water to heat up. This also allows you to switch your geyser off and save on electricity. Why not install an Efergy Electricity Monitor so you can watch all your savings?



    Warm Winter Fare

    In many households across South Africa, the aunties start gearing up for Winter by hauling out their secret stew and curry recipes and spend all day cooking for the family. Keep aunty (and your bank manager) happy by investing in a gas stove. For those who enjoy slow cooking, the hot bag can keep the pots hot all day long without using a stitch of electricity. Simply bring the food to the boil and pop it in. It couldn't be simpler. On a personal note, my mom swears by the Eco Zoom. It takes much quicker to cook a rice on this fantastic little wood burner than it does on a conventional stove.



    Our Sustainable Promise

    Not only do we promise to keep you up to date with the latest and greatest products that will improve your lifestyle and the future of this planet, but we also always ensure that we have a little something extra to offer. This Winter, we will be running a Giveaway looking to Spring (as it ends at the end of Winter) and will be focusing on a Green Camping theme.  Read more about it here. Father's Day is also in June so we have put a spotlight on our green dads and will be running a giveaway on our social media pages so keep an eye out!

    "What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness." -John Steinbeck

  • Spotlight on our Sustainable Fathers

    “Anyone who tells you fatherhood is the greatest thing that can happen to you, they are understating it.” ―Mike Myers

    Celebrating Father's Day

    Father's Day is a celebration of the role of the father in a child's life. This month we celebrate the amazing fathers in our team by putting the spotlight on them. We find out more about their role in their children's lives and what it means to be a part of the green industry.

    More from the great fathers on our team

    " As a child growing up, I always tried to live as sustainably as possible. I joined our school wildlife and clean-up programmes and spent a lot of time outdoors, trying to save the planet.
    As a father working in the green industry, I strive to find innovative products and creative ways to make the future better for my children and others. I truly believe that to make a significant change in the world, we have to start at home with our family."  ~ Rieyaat

    " What does it mean to be a father? It is an honour and a rite of passage. How special is it that you can be a mentor, a teacher, the chief tickler and the bear to hold and protect your children? Every day is a chance to guide your children on how to be the best they can be and that can be hard at times when most of us are merely just trying to be the best we can be. The results of this comes when you see them trying to emulate you and preaching to someone about how better to save water or start a fire.  

    Being an advocate of eco-living it is great to see my children asking about how solar energy works and using it when we are road trips, charging the music player, setting up the solar lights at camp. Or have my second in charge of the tools handing spanners as we install the water purification filters on our home system. What fun to watch and just absorb the moment." ~ Zeke

    Sustainable Fathers" As a father, I understand what comes with the role of fatherhood. Long days, late nights, financial pressures; but there are an abundance of joys that cannot be matched by anything else.

    I wake up every day and head off to the office looking at the blessings I have – my kids. Father’s Day is not about us. It’s a reminder to work on building a relationship with our kids by encouraging their dreams, spending time with them, and showing them love. They're grow up faster than we think.

    I take renewable energy very seriously and having the knowledge is a great way of preparing them for the future. As far as I'm concerned renewable energy is the future.

    My work at Online Eco Store as a Technical Sales Consultant, gives me access to everything renewable. I am in the process of going bit by bit off the grid... slowly but surely we'll all get there.

    For now, I have invested in a Solar Briefcase and a Solar Battery on our website. I am now able to take my kids on outdoor adventures and having a source of electricity is extremely vital when you're in the bush far from amenities. Also its always good to keep them entertained by being able to charge devices such as your kids tablet PC, your laptop, cell phones etc.

    Going green is your responsibility. How will you get there? No stress, I can walk the journey with you!" ~ Thaabit

    Fathers look toward the future

    We believe that a parent's job is to ensure a bright future for their children to enjoy. This goes hand in hand with making conscious choices in the way we live so that children may learn from this. With this in mind, we will be giving away 3 x R 250.00 gift vouchers to dad's who tell us why being a father is so special (this is open to moms too).

    Great gift ideas for Father's Day

    Click here to check out the range of products that Zeke, Rieyaat and Thaabit selected as their favourite gift ideas for Father's Day.

  • Tips to winter-proof your home

    Is it possible to save money running your household during winter? It is, and here are a few tips to make your home more eco-friendly and save money at the same time!

    Use existing insulation
    As soon as the sun begins setting, close curtains and blinds to keep warmth inside bedrooms and living spaces. It will mean your interior stays warmer for longer and will mean switching heaters on only if essential.

    Replace and switch off
    Replace all light bulbs with LED. Turn off lights, plugs and especially electric blankets and heaters when not using them. Just these few things can reduce your home’s electricity consumption by 15%.

    Lose 1 degree Celsius
    While going solar is ideal, turning your geyser down by 1 degree and switching it off during the middle of the day can make a difference. This can provide estimated savings of R100 a week on your electricity bill. Take it further and investigate using geyser blankets and timer switchers.

    Get a Spindel
    Doing laundry in winter is very costly if you are using a tumble dryer, so rather use a Spindel. It’s an innovative dryer that uses spin power instead of heat to remove up to 80% of the leftover moisture from clothes in just three minutes. Laundry dries in a fraction of the time and it uses 100 times less electricity than tumble drying. Spindel is also safe for all fabrics – perfect for those winter woollens and hand washed delicates.

  • Product Spotlight: Keeping it Sustainably South African supports sustainably South African products and we often receive enquiries across social media platforms on the topic of whether our stock supports communities within South Africa.  We firmly believe in the ‘local is lekker’ mantra and that sustainability with a focus on our country’s upliftment is crucial to the development of our company. Here are just a number of our products that promote a greener South Africa.

    Consol Solar Jars

    Consol Solar Jars are one of our most popular sellers and it’s an added bonus that these are produced locally, exported and made from recycled glass. They epitomise form and function and work as a standalone energy-collecting and energy-producing product.

    Geyser Duvet

    geyser blanketsYou should always remember to put your geyser to sleep at night, but keeping it snug isn’t all that the Geyser Duvet is good for. The product has a very strong socially responsible backbone, as its manufacture is in part aided by adults who struggle with cerebral palsy. These employment groups are based at the Cerebral Palsy Association's Village Work Centre in Cape Town and Forrest Farm in Gauteng, where their help is used wherever possible. It’s just testament to the fact that even some of the smaller products can have a large impact on the lives of others.

    The HotBag


    The HotBag Project screams sustainably South African eco-conscientiousness. Besides the 50% less stove time it uses and the 3-5 hour retention of steaming hot food it can hold, this product is developed under non-profit conditions. The initiative was launched in 2001 and each HotBag is personally sewn by subcontracted seamstresses who all work from home.

    Raylite Batteries : M-Solar Range

    Our robust M-Solar Batteries draw a large amount of energy from tubular cells, while making a small dent to the pocket. With over 1500 cycles to a 50% depth discharge, this locally produced product competes very well in relation to many other power storage options, not to mention its added value to job creation in South Africa.

    Microcare Inverters, Charge Controllers and Wind Charge Controllers

    The Microcare range, while produced right at home, has a large international demand. Products are competitively priced and local manufacture means that support is effective and efficient.

    There are many more locally produced products that form part of the catalogue and we are always happy to run through these should you require any more information on the topic. All of these products will shortly be tagged with our Sustainably South African label on our site for your convenience.

    Whether our products are manufactured here or not, we believe that they are all sustainably South African in their own right, as even those imported from overseas undergo a labour intensive journey right to our front door, supplying everyone along the way with the opportunity to contribute and be compensated as we champion sustainable communities in South Africa.

  • Smoke & Mirrors-Smokeless Stove Reflects on Safety & Environment is really excited to announce the arrival of a new product to the eco-store. It’s the Philips Smokeless Stove and its value lies in the fact that it offers safe, eco-friendly and convenient cooking solutions.

    The Problem

    Open-fire cooking poses a huge risk and around 3 billion people continue to employ the practice as a major energy source for cooking and heating. The environmental impact of the process is terribly harsh, not to mention its negative influence on health. Over 1.6 million people die every year from smoke inhalation due to indoor wood burning stoves.

    The Solution

    In a nutshell the Philips Smokeless Stove is an extremely practical and efficient cooking tool that is fueled by wood, dung or other biomass.

    It’s often the simplest things that can make the biggest difference and when it comes to sustainable practices this is becoming more and more the case. The Smokeless Stove is no exception. Essentially air is forced into a combustion chamber from both ends. A strong supply of heat from underneath vapourises the wood or biomass and the injected air then burns the vapour as a combustible gas. As soon as the stove is running the flame becomes smokeless and the stove uses considerably less fuel than a conventional fire as it burns so efficiently. The high tech materials that contain the extreme heat set the product apart from others in the safety category.

    The product has been making a significant difference in the lives of many and its success can also be attributed to the fact that it only requires charging every three to four weeks and this can be done through a small solar power kit or a regular wall charger.

    With the lines between autumn and winter being slightly blurred at the moment, and as we prepare to weather the storm ahead – warm, hearty meals a must - the smokeless stove acts as the perfect vessel to make this all possible. So make this winter about cooking safe; cooking cost-effectively and cooking with a clean eco-conscience.

  • Sustainable Valentine’s Day Competition: Keep that Fire Burning

    You don't get much more romantic than sharing a room with your better half and a fireplace filled with dancing flames. If it's a lovely day outside and you want to spread the love then taking the good times outdoors and around a braai is a great idea as well.

    Eco Fire-Logs provide the perfect opportunity to make the commitment to an  environmentally conscious Valentine's Day in both situations. Made from the waste generated from the production of grape seed oil, the logs contain no chemicals, burn extremely hot and once compressed turn to long lasting coals, effectively substituting charcoal. Don't worry about wearing your shabby clothes for fear of getting charcoal all over yourself because these logs are totally clean.

    Just two more sleeps until Valentine's Day and the end of our competition. Like us and share one of our relevant Facebook statuses or Retweet on Twitter and you can win that R500 voucher to spend at the store.


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