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  • Off-grid living is easier than you think.

    Many people aspire to becoming totally self-sufficient and living off-grid but feel that it is impossible due to the technology involved and the financial implications, but we are here to tell you that going off the grid is easier than you think, if you put the time in.

    Like anything desirable, achieving aspirations take time and dedication. Due to the fact that we have more than 15 years of experience, we have listed our top tips on how to go to make a smooth transition to going off-grid.

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  • Fun in the Sun this Festive Season

    The festive season is nearly upon us. Luckily here in South Africa we can enjoy a lovely, warm, sunny Christmas. To take advantage of this great weather, what’s better than having a Christmas braai? Here are some tips to really enjoy your patio and pool in an environmentally friendly way.

    Why Energy Efficient Lighting?

    You can create a fantastical land in your backyard while keeping your family safe with’s range of energy efficient lighting options. Our price range is diverse enough to fit any budget and any need. LED and Solar fairy lights can capture the imagination of your friends and loved ones, while providing quite a few benefits. They may cost more than your average 60W bulb but are definitely worth the investment.

    LED Fairy lights

    LED lighting options have proven to be a better option than standard lighting. Firstly, they are energy efficient; the fact that they produce more light per watt than incandescent bulbs means you save on the cost of buying regular lighting in the long run.  Secondly, they last longer than incandescent lights, so you can use the fairy lights for quite a few festive seasons. They are also more durable and robust than conventional light bulbs, so they can survive any boy’s imagination (or lack thereof). They operate at a lower temperature, which translates to less energy wasted through heat, and can save you a pretty penny on your electric bill. Finally, they don’t contain the toxins that are usually present in incandescent bulbs, such as mercury. Unfortunately, this means that any dreams of becoming a superhero after exposure to harmful chemicals are thwarted. We at like you just the way you are.

    Solar lighting can make a great alternative to LED lights while still reaping the colour fairylights In order for the solar fairy lights to remain enchanting all night, the solar panel will need about 6 hours of charge a day. There are 50 lights per string and the string is about 5m long. They are also rather versatile. You can mount the panel in the garden with the spike, or directly to a vertical surface. And then there’s the qualifying factor that makes them true fairy lights, which is that they can be in either blinkable or non-blinkable mode.






    Daymaker: Solar Flood Lights

    Keeping your family and loved ones safe is top priority while having fun. The best way to do that, while still enjoying your garden, is by investing in flood lights. All’s lighting options are energy efficient, allowing you to enjoy your garden while saving you money in the long run.









    consol solar jar

    For those intimate festive evenings, we suggest our solar consol jars. Their soft, warm light, which is safely housed in a beautiful 1-litre Consol Classic preserve jar, can create the perfect romantic atmosphere. It is literally bottled sunshine. The LED lights are powered by sunlight which is harnessed through solar paneling fitted on the lid.







    Badu Solar pool pump


    It is statistically proven that the rate of belly-flops increase during our summery festive season. In order to ensure that they take place in clean pools that also take advantage of the abundance of energy from the sun, it would be a good idea to invest in one of the solar pool pumps.

    Standard electrical pool pumps generally wreak havoc on your electricity bill and should be replaced as soon as possible. We now have a comprehensive solution for your pool of up to 60 000 litres.’s solar powered pool pumps are easy to install and packaged for your convenience – they also have a lifespan of approximately 20 years and require virtually no maintenance. We have a wide range of pumps, all innovatively engineered, to suit your budget and save you money in the long run. Because not all solar pool pumps are created equal; before you buy one, make sure you have considered your pool’s needs.





    Amongst the hustle and bustle of this modern age, the moments we share with all our family and loved ones are too few and far between. At, our ultimate goal is for those rare, cherished moments to be even more memorable. We hope you have a very merry festive season of sustainability with all your loved ones.



  • A Few of My Favourite Things...

    I’ve decided to take a little break from my Alternative Energy Made Easy series (although expect another great installation soon ) and list some of my favourite products and great deals that have been listed on our site.
  • Go Solar!

    After Eskom’s announcement, electricity is fast becoming something of a luxury. Nowadays more and more people are turning to Solar Power. Although this alternative may seem costly at first (especially if you want to completely remove yourself from Eskom), harnessing the sun’s energy (which is certainly abundant in Sunny South Africa) will definitely pay off in the long run.
  • Camp Green

    I don’t know about you, but when I need to just get away from it all, I go camping. There’s just something so primal about roughing it in the great outdoors.

    Of course, not all of us like to go without a few modern amenities, so I’ve decided to list my top three favourite items.

    1. Solar lights are great and extremely practical. Particularly the garden lantern and insect repellant. You can hang this light up in a tree, it absorbs the sun all day and automatically turns on when it’s dark and turns off when it’s light. You also have the option of manually switching it off. Another plus is that it eliminates mosquitoes and other flying bugs. Other great items in this category include the Solar LED keyring, or for those of you who prefer more light on the subject, the Dynamo Powered Flashlight. This is a great investment as it is incredibly durable and you don’t need any batteries (I’m not a huge fan of batteries as they often don’t last long and can be quite expensive to replace).
    2. Solar and Eco Cookers are a great alternative way to cook when camping. They are environmentally friendly and easy to use. They also have the added bonus of keeping your food warm.
    3. Water distillers are also a good idea, as one never quite knows what the water is like in other areas (especially up country where the water tends to be brown).

    Hope this helps for those of you who enjoy living in a tent for a few days. Please feel free to comment or ask more questions about these items. Camp well :)

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