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  • One, Two, Hassle-Free: Simple Steps to Solar Power

    energy-use-reductionOur most recent blog posts have been focussed on educating as many people as possible about the active steps that can be taken to alleviate unnecessary energy use in the home. When consumption has been reduced to the most efficient level possible, it’s time to consider the benefits of going solar.

    Once you’ve taken the appropriate measures we will offer free consultation in the design and supply of your solar power system. It is, however, mutually beneficial if you can supply us with the following information. The more detailed this is, the quicker we can get the ball rolling to purchasing your own solar power kit.

    1. Budget:
      People are often intimidated by the cost involved in a home with solar power. In previous posts we’ve highlighted how, aside from drastically reducing energy use and eradicating your electricity bill altogether, covering your initial cost only takes a few years. Continue reading

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