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  • Baby Steps: The Key to Solar Powered Success

    So, you’re an eco-conscious consumer who stays abreast of our society’s ever-growing emphasis on caring for the environment. You recycle, you opt for canvas bags over plastic, and generally do your best to make the most earth-friendly choices in your everyday life. Now you’re considering solar power – the ultimate switch to turn your home into an environmentally friendly abode that harnesses clean, renewable energy using pure sunlight, helping you to live the green lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of. Naturally the installation of a solar power system in your home will dramatically reduce your carbon footprint – but before you make the switch, it’s important that you start your conversion off on the right foot and take baby steps…

    Your vision of a solar powered home won’t be realised overnight, but there are a number of steps you can start taking right now that will set you on the path to complete sustainability.

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