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  • Your Guide to Green Gifts this Christmas

    On the upside, Christmas is a time for giving, for holiday cheer and for spending precious time with the special people in your life. On the opposite end of the scale, Christmas can also bring about some anxiety from packed shopping centres, over-priced goods and not knowing what to buy for that special someone in your life.

    At, we believe that Christmas should be a time to relax with your family and not have to worry overmuch about these sort of things. That is why our worker elves have put together a list of ideas on what to buy and for whom. We've also added some great specials, so that you can shop from the comfort of your own home and not worry about breaking the bank. A green gift is not only something unique but also something that keeps giving back by saving the planet.

    Green Gift Guide

    Listed below are a few types of people who would greatly benefit from an Eco Gift this Christmas:


    The Braaimaster

    You KNOW this person, the one that's always at the braai and takes over, whether at home or at a friend's place. To start off with, we would recommend our Eco-Logs. The smoke is odourless and the logs stay hot for a long time. With that in mind, it's a good idea to ensure that there is a light source around. Our Solar Torch would be perfect as well as our Solar Lanterns which will create some great ambiance around the fireside. Don't forget to ensure they have a drink in their hand by getting them a Sol Glas that come with a convenient sleeve to protect the hands from heat or cold. And last but not least, a Hemp Holster Belt will allow them to operate hands free.


    The Chef

    Whether a master at home or at work, there are some great green gifts that you can get your Chef this Christmas. Working with food in the kitchen always produces a lot of waste. Make your waste work for you by investing in the Bokashi Composter Kit. Easy to use and produces precious "Black Gold" for your garden. Hygiene is of utmost importance when working with food and our Eco Hand Sanitizer will ensure that your hands are squeaky clean. If you are a budding Barista as well and are concerned about coffee pods littering the earth, we have a great new Coffee Pod Recycling Bin which will make your life easier. To top it all off, eco-packaging is the way to go when serving your cuisine, whether it be at home or at a restaurant.


    The Gardener

    With water being scarce and more people focusing on farming food from their garden, an eco backyard is the way to go. Get great results from a Worm Farm, which is not only great to dispose of natural waste but produces invaluable nutrients for your soil. Create your own indoor garden with our range from Microgarden. Our Solar Automatic Watering Systems will keep your plants hydrated and a Grey Water System is always a great investment to reduce water wasteage.


    The Home Executive

    Being a Home Executive is not an easy job and those who tend to this do so with aplomb. Our Sputnik Wonder Wash is a perfect alternative to handwashing (plus you get a little exercise in too). If you are looking for a drier but don't want to waste energy then a Spindel Drier complements the Sputnik perfectly. The new range of Stasher Bags are great for food storage plus they can be used to cook AND freeze in. When shopping for energy efficient appliances, Bosch wins every time. Check out our range of fridgeswashing machines and dishwashers that save power and money! Replace your existing lights with LED lights and see the savings almost immediately. We even have a light bulb that can be dimmed without a dimmer switch! And last but not least, our stainless steel pegs are durable and easy to use, and we even have a marine grade option!


    The Adventurer

    Whether you are a Hiker, a Cycler, a Caravanner, a 4X4er or a Camper, if the outdoors is your thing, we have the perfect gifts for your. Check out our range of Solar Chargers and Powerbanks that will ensure that your phone, camera and laptop have juice when you are adventuring. Our Snomaster fridges are portable and efficient, and will keep your drinks cold. Our flexible solar kits are perfect to carry around as they are compact and easy to use. Look for appliances that can run directly off a 12V battery? Check out our 12V Kettle and Iron, no inverter required! Clean water not available? Our Water-to-go bottles will ensure that this is not a problem. Take along a Madidrop Water Tablet or some Aquatabs to be safe. Out in the middle of nowhere? Ensure that you are never stuck anywhere with our Hummer Powerbanks with Jumpstart capabilities.


    The Eco Child

    Start them young we say. The new generation is very much geared towards saving the planet before it's too late. Protect them from the effects of the sun with our Hemp Bucket Hat. Teach them about Solar Power with their very own Solar Light Kit. Light up their room or the back garden with Solar Lanterns. Solar Fairy Lights are always a win with adults and children alike. We can assure you that your teenagers will love our range of Speaker Lanterns. Why not get the younger ones a Snackbox made from recycled materials that are BPA free or a Stainless Steel Water Bottle? BPA, PVC, and phthalate free, they have a leak proof cap and are available in a variety of bright colours and designs.


    We consider our customers to be family and all of us at Team are more than happy to help you find the perfect gift this Christmas. We are only a phone call away. Otherwise, pop in at our office in Cape Town for a cup of coffee and a chat and browse some of the products you can buy off our website.

    We look forward to celebrating the season with you and really making the end of 2020 count! It's been a tough year!

    Wishing you a prosperous and safe festive season.

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  • A Festive Message from the Team

    Today the team wraps up a very successfully and rewarding year of helping ordinary South Africans invest in the future of our planet. But before we depart on our festive break, there are a few things we would like to share:

    Zeke's Festive MessageThis year has had many challenges, both ups and downs. It has been awesome to work with such a great team to get through it all. We have had many happy sales and lots of energy has been conserved. The year yet again showed an increase in people wanting to make a difference to their impact on our planet and it is very rewarding to be part of that process with them. It’s always satisfying to empower a customer with the means to take control of their own power needs and even more so for the customers that previously have had no light or power before and we make it possible with renewable energy too!

    I would like to wish everyone a fabulous festive season and may your wishes and expectations for the new year be exceeded. Here’s to a wonderful 2014, let's make even more solar power possible. - Zeke

    2013 has been a very rewarding year. At we have seen the green industry move from strength to strength.

    Angela's festive message

    We have also had the great privilege of assisting a wide variety of people to start investing in themselves and the future of the earth.  There has been a significant increase in eco-friendly goods being manufactured locally and an ever increasing interest from Africa and the rest of the world. This year we have also started aiding underprivileged projects when and where we can which is very important to us.We are grateful and humbled for all the wonderful support we have received in 2013. We have a fantastic team of people who  are excited to develop our role as a service provider in the community and further abroad.

    We would like to wish you all a wonderful festive season and look forward to further educating and assisting South Africa to live a simple and sustainable life. My New Year’s resolution: “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change,” -Wayne Deyer. For 2014 try to change your perspective. See life from every angle and do your part to preserve it. There is no planet B. - Angela

    Here’s to hoping that everybody has an awesome Christmas break to de-stress, unwind and just plain relax with your feet up! and to all of those people who are lucky enough to be travelling, please be safe, this is the time of year we should be celebrating friends and family, yet unfortunately we have so much tragedy on our roads. Take this time to love and cherish everyone close to you, and tell them how much they mean to you. My green resolution for the next year would be shower instead of bathing and to switch the lights and any other electrical unit off behind me as I leave a room. No matter how small the deed we can all make a difference.

    It has been an awesome 3 years for me working here, and my colleagues have become my family. I love my work and dealing with day to day challenges. I do the orders and dispatching and I’m loving how busy we are getting. I look forward to next year and the new challenges it may bring. - Sian

    Siaan and Stephanie's festive message

    May your Christmas be bright and cheerful and may the New Year begin on a prosperous note! My New Year’s resolution: If we do not change our direction we are likely to end up where we are headed.

    (Chinese Proverb). Start big, start small. Just start! Showering instead of bathing, maybe even progressing to a water saving shower head. It's something small but it’s a start. Don't cost our planet more than what you really have to.

    I basically just started at, but so far I’m learning a lot and I'm excited about the coming year. People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing and so far it's a lot of fun. I love people and our planet and I want to do everything in my ability to help others become more informed. is the perfect place to do just that. -Stephanie

    Here’s to a very merry Christmas and a more sustainable new year!

  • Tis the Season to Go Green

    Whether you’re an ethical eco-warrior or you’re looking to start making small environmentally-friendly changes in your lifestyle, our special Christmas guide will help you to make this holiday season a little greener without compromising on the fun or festivities.

    Consider the Packaging

    Most of us have those childhood memories of sitting around the Christmas tree, surrounded by a flurry of wrapping paper as we excitedly tear our way through our presents. However, most of this beautiful gift wrap ultimately ends up in the bin, which, to be honest, is a bit of a waste of both money and trees.

    • If you’re feeling creative, why not make your own gift wrap? With so many craft supply stores selling stamps, ink pads and a whole range of items to prettify your creations, you can add a personal touch whilst avoiding excess wastage. We recommend using newsprint or recycled paper, and you can even get the kids involved!
    • Gift bags are a much better option than wrapping paper, since you can actually reuse and regift them, instead of throwing them away.
    • Recycle all the Christmas wrapping from the gifts that you receive, and encourage others to do the same.


    green xmas

    Light up the Season

    Many people love to adorn their Christmas trees with colourful twinkling lights – and for those who take the festive season very seriously, you will also find all kinds of delightful (pun intended) decorations in the garden, outside the house and wherever else they can possibly find space.

    However, all these light-up decorations can become a drain on your electricity, and we’re all about reducing consumption. Here at, we have a range of LED Christmas lights that use a fraction of the energy of traditional bulbs. Whether you’re looking for fairy lights or rope lights, multicoloured lights or white lights – our wide range of festive items will have something to suit your needs.

    Gift Giving

    This season, we encourage you to shop local and support artisans, crafters and other producers. Items that are made and bought locally have a lower carbon footprint, since they haven’t travelled as far as other products brought in from overseas.

    There are so many craft markets taking place in cities all across South Africa – you’re sure to find a unique, handmade item for the special people in your life. Make special note of the Cape Town Summer Market, which will run from 14–30 December 2013 in the Company’s Garden from 12pm to 11pm. With over 200 stalls selling a range of goodies, a food court and live entertainment, this market is set to be great fun for the whole family.

    The Great Christmas Tree Debate

    There are some fiercely raging battles occurring in hidden corners of the internet, debating the merits of artificial versus real Christmas trees. Most experts have concluded, however, that there is minimal difference between the two in terms of environmental impact.

    Artificial trees are usually made in China, from petroleum-based PVC. They can also last many years, saving you money and petrol, as you don’t have to drive around each year looking for just the right one. Once disposed of in a landfill, however, they also take a very long time to break down.

    Real trees are usually grown on farms, where pesticides/herbicides may be used. However, they have to be grown, chopped down and purchased every year. Once they have served their purpose, these trees are often turned into mulch.

    [According to the National Christmas Tree Association, Americans purchased 24.5 million live Christmas trees and 10.9 million artificial trees in 2012.]


    If you can’t choose between them, then why not go for a completely different option? Christmas trees made out of twigs/branches appear to be quite fashionable at the moment – and they’re eco-friendly to boot! You could also buy a potted plant or tree, and then decorate it. Once Christmas is over, you can plant it outside. (Provided it’s not an indoor specimen, of course.)

    Think. Eat. Save

    This year’s theme for World Environment Day was Think. Eat. Save – we need to consciously make an effort to reduce food wastage – particularly on a day of excess such as Christmas. Avoid over-catering – cook enough food to comfortably feed all your guests without having so many leftovers that they’ll end up going green in the fridge. Also refrain from over-indulging – do you really need lamb, gammon, chicken and that hybrid monstrosity known as turducken? If you do end up with excess food, please make a plan to donate it to a shelter or those in need.

    The Christmas Spirit

    With the excitement of holidays, family gatherings and presents, let’s not forget the more serious message underlying the festive season. Henry David Thoreau once said “What is the use of a house if you don't have a decent planet to put it on?”, and this quote is more relevant than ever amidst the rampant Christmas consumerism. We’ve only got one planet, and the greatest gift we can give to one another is to live carefully, sustainably and ethically, preserving the natural wonders and resources for future generations.


    Have a safe, green, and merry Christmas, from all of us at

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