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One, Two, Hassle-Free: Simple Steps to Solar Power

energy-use-reductionOur most recent blog posts have been focussed on educating as many people as possible about the active steps that can be taken to alleviate unnecessary energy use in the home. When consumption has been reduced to the most efficient level possible, it’s time to consider the benefits of going solar.

Once you’ve taken the appropriate measures we will offer free consultation in the design and supply of your solar power system. It is, however, mutually beneficial if you can supply us with the following information. The more detailed this is, the quicker we can get the ball rolling to purchasing your own solar power kit.

  1. Budget:
    People are often intimidated by the cost involved in a home with solar power. In previous posts we’ve highlighted how, aside from drastically reducing energy use and eradicating your electricity bill altogether, covering your initial cost only takes a few years.
  2. Your Needs: 
    We’re happy to make suggestions on how we can reduce energy use in your home, but it’s extremely helpful if you let us know where you want to make these positive changes. So you might have already retrofitted your geyser and installed some of those LED down lights everyone’s talking about. From here we’ll provide the solar power solution to suit your needs and your pocket. We’re all about customisation.
  3. Load Assessment: 
    Perhaps the most important part of the process, the Load Assessment Form, provides us with the information needed to generate a quote and advise you on what we can do for you to best suit your circumstances.
  • household-energy-useThe form asks you questions relating to energy use and the type and quantity of electrical devices that consume energy in your household. We’ve found that many of our clients find this assessment a very informative process in itself.
  • We also ask that you supply us with as many electrical accounts as you can from your service provider (Eskom or Council). With this information our energy use calculator can determine exactly how we can help you reduce those energy consumption levels.

Eskom has recently implemented a feed-in initiative where a large portion of your investment in sustainable energy use will be financially reimbursed. Although there is still a long way to go before all residences in South Africa fully embrace the value of reduced energy use, once educated about the benefits and ease of sustainable optimisation, the practice should become standard.

5 thoughts on “One, Two, Hassle-Free: Simple Steps to Solar Power”

  • Vincent Lind

    Hi , I have been doing a little ready and pricing on Solar power for households and LED lighting. It being rather expensive for initial setup and purchasing LED + Solar Power, is there a way that if for example i can afford R1000-00 a month to slowly convert my house to green energy.


  • Zeke


    There are a number of options available to you. Your own savings account, finance from your bank or a private finance house, research for companies focusing on renewables. Alternatively you couldbuy lights or components as funds allow.

  • Gerrit van Zyl

    I am interested to generate PV power to sell back to the grid on small scale

    Can you advise please ?

    Do you have the meters in stock ?

  • Zeke

    There is a programme offering grid feed, however, this is aimed at slightly larger applications 10kW to 100kw's. You can, however, have a grid feed system that turns you meter backwards. Contact us on for further information.

  • Vernon

    I have purchased one of your 5kw bi directional inverters. I now intend buying 10 x 220w solar panels. What type of cabling, 4mm or 6mm @ 60m and how many connector packs plus branch type do I need, if connecting in series is more beneficial than connecting in parallel?

    Bear in mind the panels are only half the number I require, as previously advised by you in a previous e mail.

    Thanks in advance

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