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Honouring Sustainable Women – Women’s Day

In celebration of Women’s Day, we caught up with some of the awesome ladies from the team, Angela Lee-Wright, Sian Kleyn, and Megan Brown, to ask them a couple of questions about their careers in the exciting, and fast accelerating, alternative energy industry. Here’s what they had to say…

Why did you decide to enter a career in the green/ alternative energy industry?


“I have always been a strong advocate for the green lifestyle and promoting sustainability. My mother worked for an Environmental Law Firm and was very involved with the Zandvlei Trust, including organising protests against the proposed ring road which would have cut through the Zandvlei reserve. My grandmother was a farmer’s wife and I spent many hours with her as a child learning how to grow food and even spin rabbit fur into wool! She also had an amazing gift with animals, including rearing orphaned birds. I was lucky enough to have exceptionally strong female role models in my life that naturally made me gravitate towards the green industry. I truly believe that the human race can leave a lighter footprint by making conscious, informed decisions with regard to their lifestyle."

Angela at

"I had a great affinity for the sciences during my school years. I also thoroughly enjoyed the arts, so I decided to study education so that I could stimulate both sides of my brain. After teaching for five years, I worked a half day job with during the holidays. It definitely was the right fit and I decided to focus my career on the future of sustainability. After more than five years with, I have not only learned a lot but have grown as an individual as well. The green industry is definitely the way of the future and truly an honor to be involved in.”


“I felt like I needed to make a change in my life and perhaps assist and educate other people with regards to living a greener and healthier lifestyle.”

Sian at


“With all these energy problems, I found that there are so many people needing help with alternative energy. The fact that I can make a difference even in some small way helping people get off the grid makes my job very rewarding.”

Megan at

Do you have any advice for aspiring girls wanting to enter the industry?


“For those young women who are interested in joining this wonderful sector, I would say make green living your lifestyle. Find out more about what’s going on around the world with regard to the industry. Think, innovate, be passionate. Start with yourself. Ask questions. Become more sustainable. Educate. Blog about it, promote causes through social media, get involved in community outreach. Make sustainable living your life. By doing this, you are already part of the industry.”


“Don’t let anyone stop you, there is no choice or change too small to create a better future for our children.”


“My advice to girls wanting to get into the industry is go for it. Alternative energy is the way of the future. There are very exciting times ahead for the industry.”

We wish all the wonderful women out there a happy Women’s Day. We would also like to encourage you to continue making small differences in your community where you can, and to be proud of the impact that South Africa’s strong women can make.


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