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A Few of My Favourite Things...

I’ve decided to take a little break from my Alternative Energy Made Easy series (although expect another great installation soon ) and list some of my favourite products and great deals that have been listed on our site.


Our latest special on Tenesol Panels is AWESOME – you won’t find them cheaper anywhere else! From R45 p/Wp to R25 p/Wp – that is 45% off on very good quality Solar Panels. I know I sound like a bit of a salesman, but seriously, this is a fantastic deal, so don’t miss out!

The New PowerTraveller Range

Now these are great little gadgets, beautifully packaged and of a very high standard! We have some samples in the office and most of us have taken time out to marvel at these mobile chargers, especially the men (you know, boys with their toys and all that ;))

The series is made up of Solar and Eco Battery chargers. These gadgets are wonderfully compact and come with their own carry case and a number of connections. Very convenient for travelling, or even for home use (especially with our infamous blackouts).

Time-Switch Monitors

Now these are cool! These devices monitor whether or not someone is in a room. As soon as people leave, it turns off the lights or air conditioning (depending on what you’ve programmed it to do). Such a clever concept and a great way to save electricity – and money .

The new DIY Grey Water Systems

Everything you need to install your own Grey Water System. Implementing this system into your household is very beneficial to the environment as it recycles and thus saves water, as well as being beneficial to you as it saves loads of cash.

And last but not least…

Wind Turbine Kits

These kits consist of everything you need to build your own Wind Turbine System. As you all know, along with sunshine, we have loads of wind. Harness what our country has provided for us!

That’s all for now. Look out for my next blog in the Alternative Energy Made Easy Series!

Until then, stay green! :)

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