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APsystems 1kW Three Phase Micro Inverter

APsystems micro inverters mark a breakthrough in solar technology, making PV arrays more powerful, smart, bankable, cost effective and safe. Conventional “string” systems only operate as efficiently as the lowest-performing module, meaning reduced output from a shadow or leaf on one module cuts output across all modules in the array.
Our micro inverter technology individually monitors and maximizes power generation for each module in the array, boosting system efficiency by up to 20 percent. One APsystems unit handles two PV modules, lowering installation and balance-of-system costs. All APsystems micro inverters are engineered to comply with local grid requirements, ensuring safety of system installers and emergency responders.

This kit includes the following components (Click on description for specifications sheets)
• 1 x YC1000-3 Micro Inverters.
• 1 x AC Trunk Cable.
• 1 x AC End Clip.
• 1 x Energy Communication Unit (ECU) (Zigbee) for YC1000 230V AC 950Hz.

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Product Description


YC1000-3 Micro Inverter x 1
The YC1000 is the industry’s first true 3-phase (automatic phase balancing function) solar micro inverter, handling 230V/400V grid voltages with 1000 watts maximum output, ZigBee communication and relays integrated ground. Up to 12 units (48 modules total, 60- or 72-cell) can be linked in a single 20A circuit. This ground-breaking technology is only available from APsystems.

Technical Specifications
• 1000w AC output.
• 3 phase output (no phase balancing).
• 230V / 400V.
• ZigBee.
• 12 units / string (up to 48 PV modules).
• Weight: 4kg.
• 20 year warranty available.

Energy Communication Unit (ECU) (Zigbee) for YC1000 x 1
The APsystems ECU, our state-of-the-art Energy Communication Unit, is the information gateway for our micro inverters. The unit collects module performance data from each individual micro inverter and transfers this information to an internet database in real time, requiring only a single data and power cable. Through the APsystems EMA software, the APsystems ECU gives you precise analysis of each micro inverter and module in your solar installation from any web-connected device. The APsystems ECU’s integrated http webserver offers the simplest and most flexible network integration of any data logger on the market. The user-friendly browser-based interface lets you access your solar array in seconds.

• Collects individual module and micro inverter statistics.
• Communicates in real time.
• Requires no additional wiring.
• Warranty 3 years, IP30.
• PLC or ZigBee communication.

YC1000 AC Bus (Trunk Cable) x1
• Provides the junction of the inverter’s AC output side and grid connection.
• Applicable models: YC1000.
• Diameter 2,5mm2 (14AWG) ,U-1000-RO2V (TC-ER).
• Drop Length: 2m.
• CSA/TUV certified.

YC1000 AC Bus End Cap x 1
• Provides water proof for the end of AC Bus.
• Applicable models: YC1000.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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Guarantee/ Warranty 20 years unlimited warranty
Inverter Wattage 1000W


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